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  1. In light of recent TB issues, would it be possible add "Lock" to the actions that can be performed by the API?? this would allow the use of API calls to speed up the lock process. Thanks for considering
  2. Not sure what is going on ... but the new site is not running better, it is crawling possibly backward this morning ... It is taking minutes to load web pages ... what's up ??? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this ... is so frustrating to be online before 99.9% of the US is out of bed and have to wait until they all get up to get a page to load ...
  3. Check out novago.org lots of great people and events Spring event GC2RR99 NoVAGO Spring Event At The Blue Ridge Center Sunday May 15tgh ... great chance to meet a lot of the locals ... Hope to see you there ... rufnredy
  4. Check out novago.org lots of great people and events Spring event GC2RR99 NoVAGO Spring Event At The Blue Ridge Center Sunday May 15tgh ... great chance to meet a lot of the locals ... Hope to see you there ... rufnredy
  5. eems like it is a frog solution ... when a cache is archived, it should be automatically locked at that point and only opened for specific reasons by a lackey ... then no problem ...
  6. Know what you mean by series ... we have several in the DC area ... One thing you can do in GSAK is make the translation of strings to much smaller ones ... then use smart names ... For example one of our challenges has cache names like the "Maryland Municipal League - (City name)" I had GSAK turn "Maryland Municipal League -" into "MML" and the rest just fell into logical place .. Another reason that GSAK is your friend dave
  7. Again, what the user asks for can be had with some judicious use of GSAK. My own cache list looks like this on my Oregon. I get quite a bit of info that way. The differing amount of info per line per cache is a function of the proportional font that Garmin uses. What you see in screen shot above (I finally got the image working) is the GC code (without the unnecessary "GC"), the size (M=micro, S=small, U=undefined, etc.), The difficulty rating / the terrain rating, and the last four logs (F=found, N=not found, X=disabled, O=published or other notes). You can save some more real estate in that one line by using the following: %drop2 %con1 %Dif1a/%Ter1a %last4 %name Dif1a gives difficulty in a single number/letter 1=1 1.5=A 2=2 2.5=B ... Ter1a gives terrain in a single number/letter 1=1 1.5=A 2=2 2.5=B ... Knowing each is one digit, and I am not worried about GC number as it is in the description, I am using: %Typ1%con1%Dif1a%Ter1a %last4 %name It runs together but an example I get is TSBA FFFF Glub,Glub Which translates to =>>>> Traditional, Small, Diff=2.5, Ter=1.5, Found Found Found Found It really comes down to what you can get used to and how much information you want on the screen. I want it all with as little as possible space used for dif/ter/etc so i can see part of the name ... after reading the pages, the name means something to me but the GC code does not ... hence my choices ... Just wanted to point out another way to skin this cat ... dave
  8. GC2BDC8 ... If UR Traveling ... Host an Event !! I am visiting South Africa for work and have scheduled an event at a local establishment near my hotel ... Just wanted to get it on the forums in case someone may have missed the notification ... Hope to see some of the locals there .. dave rufnredy
  9. Hmmm... not world cup related, but I am going to be in the Hartebeespoort area from July 18 to August 7 for work ... I am trying to set up an event at a local Irish Pub/Restaurant ... hope to meet up with some of you there ... maybe even plan a cache run while I am in country ... rufnredy (dave)
  10. I am probably missing something, but as I understand it this feature is built in. Make sure every one of your PQs request the cache number maximum to be 501 or greater, and the only thing you get by email is confirmation when each was processed. NOT TRUE ... if the PQ contains less than 500 caches it will come as BOTH an attachment and as a download ... so said the lackeys earlier. This is the result I had this morning also. I had 4 PQs run, all requested 1000 caches, three were 990+ and the 4th was around 300. I got three notifications for download and one email with attachment. dave
  11. To work around, I used a "right click" in windows and selected "save link as..." then in the dialog I added .zip ...all saved fine ,,, Now if we could select multiple files for download at one time all would be great ... dave
  12. To work around, I used a "right click" in windows and selected "save link as..." then in the dialog I added .zip ...all saved fine ,,, Now if we could select multiple files for download at one time all would be great ... dave
  13. Got 3 of 1000 and one less than 500 ... seems to be working .. dave
  14. Thanks for the update ... dave
  15. It would certainly make things a bit more palatable if the Frog would at least let us know what is going on ...
  16. Thk you. I can not ask my question because I am not registered and haven't paid. I will when I can get things working properly but at this point GSAK is useless so far. I am running GSAK ver I have about 20 GC's in my handheld in which I have loaded directly from www.geocaching.com (premium member) so I can just send them directly to handheld. All I am trying to do is get those geocaches that I have found into GSAK so I can look at them and keep them there. Then I can delete them from the handheld and load more. Hopefully I have explained it a bit better. Firstly, you do not have to be a paying user of GSAK to ask questions and get some quick answers. The people on the GSAK forum are very helpful and I would bet that after you see what they will do to support you that you will gladly buy the product and enjoy caching all the more with the awesome functionality and many macros available ... rufnredy a VERY satisfied GSAK user ...
  17. Interesting post Vinnie ... but I had a totally different impression of the Groundspeak representative. I actually talked to Shauna for a good half hour or more when she arrived and again later in the day discussing topics ranging from general caching concerns to the NPS and the AT issues now in the forefront. I saw a genuine enthusiasm and complete dedication to caching and the cachers who chose to talk to her and provide feedback on how things are going. Watching her move from small group to small group served to confirm this impression. As she said several times, the reason she was at the event was to get together with cachers and return home with feedback and suggestions. I don't think this was the right venue for a GC rep to stand up and take center stage. I do think that the low key way Shauna moved through the crowds was perfect for the event and by design did not cause a distraction. Personally, I look forward to working with Shauna and the rest of the Groundspeak crew on the projects we discussed and look forward to great things in the future for geocachers and geocaching in general. dave (rufnredy)
  18. Same issues here ... PQs from Friday never ran and nothing from my Saturday requests. If this were one of the contracts I manage there would be a Breach of Contract issues filed as this is one of the things we specifically pay for under the premium membership fees.
  19. I see the delay also ... I have 3 queries that run every week on friday to update for new caches. Up to this week, they religiously ran between midnight and 2:30am pacific. It is now 10am pacific and I still have not seen any of them today ... let's hope this is a temporary thing and the frog sorts out the delays ...
  20. The Explorist 100 with the subject cable does in fact pass data to the GPS. Had a bit of a tussle getting it to work, but the end result was waypoints passed seamlessly using GSAK. The puzzle was solved when I went to the COM port in use and set it to: 8 bits (default) No Parity (default) 1 stop bit (default) speed needs to be the same on GPS and COM port - I used 9600 (default) Xon/Xoff ............. THIS WAS THE KEY setting the COM port up ... (NONE IS THE DEFAULT) Hope this helps a bit ...
  21. Having the same problem ... been a couple hours since the PQ generated and no email yet ...
  22. Is there any way to get all the logs for a cache in a Pocket Query? I have not seen anywhere that there is a limit of 5, but on the other hand, there is no place to select more than 5?
  23. Not sure what is going on. What gps unit do you have? Also have you tried to load other img files with success? Does mapsource load other garmin maps like navigator or topo with success? Maybe some of these answers will help me out. Using a GPSMAP 60 CX with a 512MB SD card. MapSource loads street maps fine. When it comes to my new topo, it crashes ... I am planning on making the topo into two smaller files to test the file size but don't know what else to try. Thanks for looking at this ... dave You could try this to see if it is the img file or mapsource that is giving you problems. 1.Generate the .img map as usual. Change the name of the .img file name to gmapsupp.img. 2.Turn on unit 3. Attach the 60Cx via the USB cable to your computer. 4. After the device has been recongnized, go to: -->Main Menu--> Interface--->USB Mass Storage 5.The system enters a USB storage mode and looks appears as a disk drive. 6.Enter the disk drive where a folder called Garmin exists. 7.Copy the gmapsupp.img file to the folder. 8. Disconnect unit. My guess is that your img file is to large for mapsource but not 100% sure. Try and load the img file onto the gps this way and see what you get. Also if you make smaller files let me know how that turns out. If that still doesn't work then let me know and we can try something else. Yes, the map in question is there ... appears to be a MapSource defect. I have 2 topo img files now .,.. 7.3M and 8.6M ... the smaller loads fine along with my streets maps and the larger crashes mapsource as soon as I zoom in. Thanks for the help ... dave so the limit must be somewhere in between ...
  24. FYI, just loaded a test file from another cacher. It appears to be working fine with MapSource. Is there a file size limitation on the *.img files? That is all I can think of. I am testing a smaller map (2 USGS DEM files as source) as we speak. Will let you know how that turns out after it quits chugging and churning the data.
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