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  1. Welcome and yes you can with a TomTom but it is much harder. Eventually you will want to get a handheld GPS or a GPS enabled phone to make it easier. It is a fun game and I enjoy the places in town that it takes me. Hope the wife takes you caching. Tim2akaT2 PS with a name like pennyfinder could you be a metal detectorist, or coin roll hunter?
  2. There are reviewers and like you I fine it frustrating that many CO don't take care of their caches. I don't find it hard to believe that you haven't gotten a response to a message I have only gotten a response from someone selling a GPS and a fellow local cacher who I know no one else has ever responded. I do carry a couple of log books both micro and otherwise now for the full log problem you can find and print them online (Geocaching University). I don't think not being online for a couple of months is a big deal if they haven't been online a year then you may want to put a NA (Needs Archiving) if you think it's missing and it hasn't been found in months. If you find a cache strewn about put it back together as best you can then leave a note on the cache page and send a note to the owner and a Needs Maintenance log. I am a newbie also and had to take several months off for health reasons and that may be the case with some cache owners. As for the boy scouts contact the local troop and tell them the problem and if they have no interest in the cache ask if you can adopt it. Remember this is a game people quit playing and life happens. Tim2akat2
  3. Why it's just a game who are they trying to impress?
  4. I have been following this post and now that the truth of the original post has come out wareagle has some explaining to do. This I was going to move them on doesn't fly at this point. Putting travel bugs under someone Else name who didn't ask you to is just wrong and does violate the TOA even if you don't think it does. I believe that your account should be deleted and all your finds vacated. Maybe a little harsh but you brought it on with your lies. Seems to me you are the troll
  5. I'll take it want to give it to a co-worker as a gift for him and his girlfriend. PM sent
  6. Some people have a personal travel bug or Geocoin they use to track miles cached. It is personally acceptable most purist actally carry the bug or coin with them.
  7. Since I have one already how about $50.00
  8. I got mine for 228 with free shipping might want to rethink the price
  9. Welll I use a Paperless GPS and I get all the info you mentioned on my Delorme PN-60 I don't always use it but its there for the tough ones. I use to use a Garmin personal 12 and I just kept a note book with the hints and other info I will say this your phone may be just as good but are you willing to drop it on some rocky trail, muddy area, or a creek? If you want to keep using it get a pelican case for it. Tim2
  10. I don't have a Garmin but one of my coworkers had the same problem. Garmin screwed the pooch on this and still hasn't fixed the problem if you google it there are a few people who were able to fix it. You can also search the forum for a fix some of them just can't be fixed. Tim
  11. Don't know if this has been posted before http://www.komonews.com/news/local/103833198.html Turns out a game can save lives
  12. Grave robbers it is an on going problem CW artifacts are a huge market.
  13. With good hints a car GPS'r works well but some of the tougher off road ones well not so good most car GPS's are not waas accuracy one that is will cost as much as a good handheld GPs
  14. There are better units than the MagellanExplorist 400 check the reviews it has LCD problems Go to Garage sale and you will find a good unit for your budget
  15. I kind of like micro's tough to find and make the game a little more fun.
  16. I agree there is usually not much in a cache I want. I sign the log and just move on sometimes I find something for my kids or a Pathtag and will take one and leave a pathtag but usually just sign the log and move on to the next cache. Tim
  17. I decided to go with the Delorm PN-60 I really wanted to go with the Garmin 60csx or maybe the Garmin 62s (but the price kept me away) or even the Dakota 20 but in the end it came down to paperless Geocaching, the maps and price. Bang for your bucks won out I just don't leave north america that much to make the maps matter anyway looks like a Delome for me Tim
  18. I would think yes and when you get the time go back and sign the log there have been a few times when I couldn't sign the log because it was wet, full or missing but I logged the find and noted the problem just do the same thing note you found it on a training run/work. I think if might have been improper for you to sign the log during training. Tim2
  19. Since someone added YAWSIB I deleted my comments I really wanted a litte bit of info on the differences thanks to all who helped I won't ask for any help again.
  20. I want to throw the Magellan Explorist 310 in the mix also.
  21. I was thinking of the Delorme 60 but like the ease of use of the garmin I like paperless but wonder what it really offers as I haven't seen a paperless GPSr yet and I really wanted to stay around 200 the 62's are out of my price range
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