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  1. Hello all, So I just got a 60CXS and loving it, I can update the firmware? keeps failing Any ideas?
  2. DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 for sale,, still have box and cd's but missing topo program cd's. also have the ram dock selling it for $150 obo or trade thanks rockhoppernc@yahoo.com
  3. Well I have a mac now and lost me topo software. I am planning a trip down to tamp bay in 2 weeks and looking for some aerial maps for tampa bay/ weedon island preserve? is there anywhere else to get images that I can put on my pn40?
  4. well I got the update from the website today and when I did the update i for got to save all my waypoints and stuff and lost them ALL,,,so sad BUT I then hooked it up and started topo 8 and hit the sync button and everything worked,, am i missing something,,,I thought it was not supposed to work with firmware 2.8 and topo 8>
  5. could someone send me a cache file for Asheville nc, all the listings via email? I am trying to load them on my one but keep missing ones and dont know the ones I have loaded to my pn-40.I was hoping some one could send me the listings to me email so I can just load them all for Asheville nc, PM me fo my emial add.
  6. Hello everyone, I spend a-lot of time out in the woods,,A-LOT and my wife and mother would like me to have a spot communicator. I am looking for a used one, and would even be willing to work out a part trade for one,
  7. help,,planning a camping trip but I cant send any info to my pn-40 using my new mac book pro. just trying to simply send one at a time from the google map on here...o and i did download the file as needed. any ideas
  8. Well I am getting my macbook pro in the morning and kinda sad to findout i cant run topo8 on it... I use my pn-40 almost every day and topo 8 just as much...I like being able to play around with my maps and such using topo8.. is there a gps and a maping program for mac that works like the pn-40/topo 8 ? kinda a sad day...
  9. well it is true, I am getting a new macbook pro in the morning...what do I need to do to use my pn-40 with it. will the software run on a mac and how do I do it>
  10. pic was taken while out in the woods,,,we have no idea what it is????? no sound and we did not see it but when the pic was taken of the view this is what we got...LINVILLE GORGE-BABEL TOWER area not a rc plane..bird or man made plane...
  11. so this pic was taken and we dont know what it is,,,I have had alot of people look at it but with no luck.. not a rc plane, or bird,,,or a little man made plane.....and the crazy thing is we did not see it when the pic was taken
  12. thank you everyone....I was out at sunrise the other day and took 100 in just a few min... I have lived here in Asheville for some time and have taken some of the best pic's. I can post more pic's if anyone would like to see them. I also flyfish I also make knifes and sheaths
  13. Well this was out in Black Balsam,,I was out looking for a place I found the week before and doing a little geocaching.... campin sat night and fell a-sleep with a bottle of shine then sunday picked so many bluebarries....
  14. well dont know if we are talking about the same tower,,but I will look into it,,thanks
  15. there are a few` in the area,,what do you think
  16. I am going to the frying pan look out tower/ fire tower at 5 am in the morning and am going to place something there.. I need to know if this is ok and I need to know by 5 am this morning off the blue ridge park way..mm 408?
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