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  1. well, we can still cross the river. the crane made it. so we can still do both sides.
  2. i've done this with one of my caches. i took a piece of firewood(a round) and cut about 3" off the top. then i took the container and used the biggest end to make a pattern for a circle. once i had a circle i could start cleaning out the log. i used a drill and a 1.5" spade bit to go around the circle and then i worked my way to the center. when i had it bored out, i drilled a hole in the center of the bottom for drainage and attached the 3" top with a hinge. i've had many people enjoy this cache. it takes them a few minutes to find it. when i first placed it, my wife saw me put it out. then i sent her in to find it. she couldn't. have fun with it.
  3. i just did a cache the other night with my 2 year old merrigold. it put me within 1 foot of the cache. this has happened quite a few times with us.
  4. just emailed for 2 and 2. thanks
  5. ok, so we have probably done all or most of the caches on both routes, but can we go anyway. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
  6. i would definately like to be put done for 2.
  7. team leirplass, i was wondering if you have recieved my emails or not. i got an alert from geo website so i thought i would check to see if you had seen them yet. if you haven't, send me an email and i will give you the info on the cans. thanks, culp686.
  8. thats the ones. thanks for the pic for everyone to see.
  9. just putting this out there to see if anyone is intrested. i have large ammo cans that measure 32" tall, 11" wide, and 6" deep. looking for $20 a piece but willing to deal. there are 20 of them so let me know if you are intrested.
  10. 10:29pm aug 13,2005 refused to give up on this one..after 4 times i did it without cheating...wooooohoooo
  11. i had the same problem. the page said that the # i had was the wrong one. even though i went back to the cache, crossed the creek again, hiked all the way up the hill to verify the number. i just posted it and hoped for the best. my page clearly shows that i picked up the jeep, had it for a few days, and placed it into the cache it currently resides in. i guess we will see what happens.
  12. we went to the local radio shack for some "supplies". i was talking to the salesman about why they are discontinuing their GPSr line because alot of people in this area are getting into this thing called "geocaching". he said "really, i've been in it for awhile now. i just haven't been able to get out lately". turns out that we have found the only cache he has placed. we talked for a good 45 min. about all the local caches.
  13. we are down here in rainier OR. we use a merrigold and it works just fine in heavy cover. we just received 2 rino 120s but we haven't had much time to test them.
  14. there is a cache up here in rainier OR called "Rainier #6" that i went to last fall. i parked the car and started for the cache. i got about 100 ft. down the trail and looked to my left. i saw one of the largest patches of huge yellow chantrelles i have ever seen. i picked a few for dinner that night and went back 3 or 4 times for more. Mmmmmmm. good eatin.
  15. i have a 3 yo that goes 2 + miles all the time with us. he loves being outside, so where ever we go, he is more than happy to be there with us.
  16. thanks very much for the info. you didn't need to do that for us , but thank you very much for taking the time to let us know. we were just hoping that we would here from the person that had it. we figured it would probably be a long shot, but we had to try. thanks again.
  17. just throwing it out there again. we would like to trade coins if anyone has #686. thanks.
  18. just got our coins today. wanted to let you know we don't have #218. coins are beautiful though...thanks.if anyone would like to trade we are looking for 686 in bronze
  19. well we were about half way done with it. and it was a brand spankin new church. also was a new type of building by a new fabricator. how many is that?
  20. i'm looking to buy a mount for a merigold that will hook up to a motorcycle handlebar. any info or deals would be much appreciated. thanks.
  21. ok, so this probably isn't where i should put this, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to upload pics to a post on the forums? i've been trying for a while now, but i still can't figure it out. thanks.
  22. i had a slight problem with my entry. i had a (WJTB) pulling a (YJTB) up a steel rafter on the steel building i am putting up right now. so i had two entries to submit with one pic. i didn't know what to do. so i entered it as the yellow jeep entry. oh well, at least i tried.
  23. just got mine about 10 min. ago. great coin. thanks.
  24. thanks for the info. that helps a lot.
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