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  1. I can confirm Cache Register works well on a Mac running OS X Lion.
  2. If you can afford it get the nicest one available. I bought a PN-40 two years ago and used it for a month or two then put it away. I came back to the hobby last month and still have a very capable and accurate unit. If I had bought a lesser unit.....that's all I'd still have. I also have an iPhone 4 with the GC app but don't like navigating/hiking to the hide with it. I much prefer the GPSr for this. The iPhone is great for locating the "area" while in the car and for all the info the app contains but since it depends on the internet connection so much I find it a chore while out in the field.
  3. Thanks webscouter. I have sent them messages. I hope to hear from them about when I can place my order.
  4. I just visited the CabBat site and attempted to place an order. I got a message saying they're sold out. Does anyone know if the batteries are in regular production; i.e. will there be more?
  5. I agree, you only got 7 caches today with that battery pack. I went out last Friday with a CabBat in my PN and got 8! Good eye there Cowboy! I'd be willing to wager that your 8 finds did not leave you with a drained battery!
  6. Today, the CR-V3 DeLorme battery gave out after about 3 hours of geochaching.... I see a CabBat in my future. This performance is unacceptable.
  7. I'll agree with that! As with any hobby though, you'll always have die hards who take it more seriously than the casual participant and the spoil sports that are in it for other reasons, i.e. the numbers competition you mention. I do feel that all the advancement and convenience we have now is because of the size of the following. For what it's worth, the equipment manufacturers as well as the gc.com people would not have done the awesome job they have if there were fewer participants. This would be good for the "purist" but bad for me! :-)
  8. I'm just glad my DeLorme and other quality GPSr like the Garmin can take Geocachers right up to their chaches more often than not. Of course, many times, this is all dependent on the cache being placed and it's position recorded accurately. Even when it's off by a few feet, it all adds to the fun. All these units can get us there and bring us back home. All this talk about averages is all fine and good. I can only say that having a device like this is the reason I partake in this hobby. There would not be as many participants if we were all on paper charts! Get out there and hunt for some caches!
  9. I'm curious if they get back to you and if so what they said. Let us know. Apisphere will get back to you. I've emailed them a couple of times with satisfactory results. I recently got the update kit to work flawlessly on my Mac using Firefox. It works just fine on a Windows machine I have as well. What I can tell you is that it does in fact work with Firefox and that there was a problem with a recent (but not the latest) release of Firefox. I would suggest you download the latest Firefox if you haven't already done so. It does work. It seems like you've already read the tutorials as you've even tweaked that one necessary security setting which changes the default setting from False to True. You may just have that version of Firefox that has an issue with the update kit. Give that a try. I hope it helps.
  10. Check this: http://www.rechargeable-lithium-batteries.com/ Many of us use this and it stores a significant more charge than the OEM. Note that it probably voids warranty; however, I don't think that a search of the DeLorme forums will reveal any complaints or failures. Thanks Cowboy. Do you happen to know what the capacity (in mAh) is for this battery? The one DeLorme sells is 1400 mAh. I've seen some CRV3 packs rated as high as 2000 mAh. This would really change the effective duration of use of my PN-40!
  11. What are the biggest differences in terms of "upgrades" that you've really liked about the 60?
  12. As far as I've discovered, it's very easy to use on a Mac. I'm using Cache Register w/ the PN-40, Premium Membership. I've got two Macs running OS X Lion. I no longer have to use (or think of using) any other software to get my caches on the PN. It's not perfect (for some reason, I have to sync the PN twice when there are new GPX files available for download....Cache Register seems to not want to download the GPX file for the first sync, but a subsequent sync which does download the file takes very little time). It took me a bit to get it setup and syncing at the beginning because I did not have the latest firmware from DeLorme (the one that plays nice with OS X Lion) but all is well now! My biggest gripe with the PN by far.......battery life. I have the LiOn pack that DeLorme sells and often, the battery level indicator reads 70% charged seconds after I've disconnected the charger. I don't know why this is. It seems like the battery level indicator is simply not progressive and scares you too early on that the battery voltage is lower than it really is. In any case, none of my adventures to date have lasted more than a couple of hours and the battery has lasted sufficiently for those. I have the car charger as well. The battery, a screen protector, belt holster, 110v charger and 12v charger came with the accessory pack I bought shortly after ordering the PN.
  13. So, after owning this unit since late 2009, I finally like it. Let me clarify, I began Geocaching then and my son was who was to be my sidekick was still too small. Also, at that time, loading GPX files on my Windows machine using the clumsy Topo software was not appealing. By the time I learned about GSAK, a couple of months had passed and I had store my GPSr due to lack of available time (I was going to grad school). Fast forward to now, I use a Mac and with my Premium Membership, have tweaked my Pocket Queries just right. I've updated the firmware on the PN to the latest and have installed Cache Register which has since become free. It's so easy now! All I have to do, is connect the PN to the mac and Cache Register updates/loads my PQ's. Granted, there is a small glitch that makes you have to run the sync twice if there is a new PQ to download but it's a very minor inconvenience. I've discovered that the PN is actually very accurate and often, when it indicates 2ft. or less, I'm right on top of the cache location. I've tweaked the info fields and the order of the info pages to suit geocaching (I really don't like this thing for routing/driving to the cache area) and it's really nice! My son has a Geomate Jr. which works out very well for him, but only because I have the PN and iPhone 4 with the GC app to give us lots of pertinent info that the Geomate does not deliver. It's a great little unit, not quite as accurate as the PN but awesome for little hands and the mishaps they seem to have often. In any case, I have more free time now, my son is now 7 and I seem to have my GPSr issues sorted. I'm really excited to get back in the game and "get out there" far more often. On that note, I'm also practicing CITO with my son who is very earth conscious (amazing how the teach this in school). When I was in 2nd grade many moons ago, NO ONE mentioned the earth or preserving it! Of course, we live in California now and it's ALL about that which I like as well. It is a little depressing to find so much trash in the woods though. We're doing our part and taking a trash bag with us and that feels good! Happy holidays to all and happy caching!
  14. Thanks for the clarification Wintertime! It was indeed REI's website. Will have to send them a message about it. I just migrated to Mac and after upgrading to OS X Lion, discovered it won't talk to the Delorme PN-40. It seems Delorme is in no hurry to address this so, unless you are on a previous OS X, disregard Delorme as an option.
  15. I had made a list of my own and have added all the suggestions that appear here thus far: GPS Flashlight Whistle Headlights Plastic Bags (for CITO) Small Zip lock bags (for logs) Pencil, Pen, Marker (extra pencils for caches) Notepad (extras for logs) Insect Repellent Binoculars FRS Radios Items for trade (swag) Extra batteries (AAA,AA) Water, snacks, 1st aid (butterfly bandage, band-aids, gauze, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Afterbite) Sunscreen Pocket knife, multi-tool Gloves Extra Log Sheets Compass, Map Matches Toilet Paper Tweezers Extendable Magnet Tool Mechanical Fingers Mechanic's Mirror Spool of Twine/Cord Electrician's Tape Ready Made Cache
  16. What GPSr are you using? If it's a DeLorme I can help.
  17. I wonder how close they would have come to your back porch had you not stopped them..... Some day you'd be having to say "excuse me" to one of them on your way out the door. Sheesh.
  18. Great buy by the way. Very accurate unit. Holds its own next to my PN-40. You do need the update kit though as I found out. I never imagined caches are placed with such frequency! As I understand it, given the "beginner" nature of that unit the caches it will contain are better suited for people starting out so you will not get ones that are too hard or virtuals as well as some others. If you get hooked you'll want another GPSr that gives you more info but you'll want to keep this one around as a backup or for your kids as I have.
  19. Best excuse I've heard in a while to get a new gadget! Good on ya! I like it. I have one too and while it's great to have I really don't see using it as a primary device. I love having the GC app to be able to get the latest info from the server and all the other niceties you mentioned. Since I just started and am not caching "competitively" I had not thought about the ability to log from the iPhone gives you to post FTF ASAP.
  20. Your actually wrong about this. Garmin makes the NUVI 500/550 that does both track and trail. It's waterproof and works fine outside. It has all the Nuvi features so it does a good job on the road. I bought mine from Amazon.com 3 weeks ago for $199. I noticed there price does fluctuate a bit. But I haven't seen it priced over $225. This is a good looking unit but given its sleek appearance I wonder how well it will fare outdoors. More importantly, given its form factor i.e. its shape, it would seem not practical to hold in your hand for any length of time while you navigate on foot over rough terrain, tree stumps, etc while searching for a hide. Dakboy is right, you are better off with a dedicated unit for each purpose. I've had great success for on-road navigation using my TomTom One 3rd ed. I picked it up refurbished for around $100 almost two years ago. I hear the entry level TomTom units are even cheaper now when you buy them refurbished. I can recommend them highly. I think if you save up just a little more cash you can have your cake and eat it too. A solid unit for the car and another for your hobby.
  21. Some multi stage and/or puzzle caches require the finder to project a waypoint from one set of coordinates to get to the next stage or the final cache. You are given (or must figure out) a bearing and distance. Most Garmins have a feature which allows you to simply enter the bearing and distance and it will then route you to that location. The Delormes don't yet have that feature. Thanks! Makes sense to me now
  22. Can someone give us newbies a quick and dirty explanation of what waypoint projection is and why it is useful?
  23. ??? How would you like it organized?? By distance from current point or alpha seems like it should be enough. Here is an example....Let's say I run two PQs of 500 waypoints each. I can, as you've stated, load them quite easily using CR to the internal memory on the PN. I will have a total of 1000 waypoints viewable on the PN. If it happens to be that half of that data are caches I'd prefer not to take my kids to because they are virtuals or whatever the reason may be it's undesireable that they are all mixed into one list on the PN. I'd prefer to keep the results of my PQs as separate .gpx files and the data not be commingled on the screen. When this happens, it defeats the purpose of having run two separate PQs in my view. As always, your mileage may vary.
  24. Feel free to use any part of my write up and edit as needed. I'm happy to help!
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