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  1. I work for a local government and we've just started using QRCodes in our parks and downtown art exhibits. Concurrently, those of us in the IT dept who resisted the iLemming craze have recently latched on to the Evo - and lemme tell you - Android rocks at QR codes. Of course, being a geocacher wanna-be, my first thought was how can I use this in the field? Given GC's restrictions, I wondered if it could be as simple as creating a QRCode that simply takes the GC'er to the log page of the cache? Or maybe coordinates to a bonus cache? That way it wouldn't be *required*, just darn convenient.
  2. Great-grandfather - WWI Grandfather -WWII Father - Korea Father-in-law, Korea (Chosin Reservoir survivor). Me- US Army 1975-1982; Ft Jackson SC, Ft. McClellan AL, Mannheim FRG. "To Protect and Serve" MP Corps My daughter - US Army 2001 - Current; Taegu, South Korea; Ft. Leavenworth, KS Still a public servant; just no more uniform
  3. And in Kansas: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...37-0bd5dc58ef76
  4. Has anybody tried using the latest Nextel Blackberry (7520 w/embedded GPS chip) in conjunction w/the WAP site?
  5. If you have ArcPad loaded on your IPAQ, then someone in your county probably has the desktop GIS, ArcMAP. If your county has a GIS department, give them a call. If you don't have a county GIS department, let me know and I can talk you through it.
  6. Gotcha: I'm a GIS Manager for a medium-size city. To keep our remote sensing skills from getting rusty, and to help our local park system, I've had the GIS staff start placing geocaches in our city parks on a regular basis as part of our duties. It brings folks to often under-utilized parks, plus keeps our skills sharp. Our Parks Superintendent is all for it; how cool is that??? I LOVE my job!
  7. OlatheGIS

    Which Gps??

    I agree with IceKnight/Vector Joe (in reality, I'm a city GIS Manager who moonlights as a geocacher ) You could also contact a local GIS user group to see if they'd volunteer to help you collect the data. Most of the GIS-ers (aka Map Geeks) I know wouldn't hesitate to help with a good cause such as yours. Our software vendor lists the NY user groups here: http://gis.esri.com/usersupport/usergroups/ugselect.cfm Good luck!
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