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  1. Everyone should have received a shipping notice late Thursday night through PayPal or Google Checkout. If you didn't see an email with your tracking number you can email me directly. Gelugon, I'll send you an email with yours now. Some of the orders were already delivered by the time I received the tracking numbers for your shipment. I still sent out notices so that I could keep my records updated.
  2. The Harlequin version will only be sold on Geoswag. Utah will be the only event with Camo, plus that will be sold on Geoswag. Spokane, WA got some of the B&W and Pretty in Pink. Those will be on Geoswag too.
  3. It may still be a few days before I get mint artwork back but you will have 48 hours to approve art once you get it. There are a few people who did not send me color 4 on the back after that area was added, so if you do need to make a change to your mint artwork please let me know asap so I can get it fixed, espcially for international orders. I understand that some of you will be at MWGB this weekend and may not be able to get back to me until Monday. I am going to be sending invoices tomorrow and Friday. Please do not pay for your coins until you have approved your artwork. You will have 48 hours after approving your artwork to send your payment. Billing will be done through Google Checkout. If that doesn't work for you let me know and I'll bill you via PayPal instead. Google is easier for me, so please only request PayPal if you absolutely need to. I'm going to update the timeline on the google site too.
  4. I definitely should have joined this conversation sooner! Hopefully the below information clears some things up. You should all now have access to the spreadsheet showing color choices. If you don't, let me know and I'll email you the spreadsheet. The final mint art is now shown on the Powers of 10 site. Art A shows color areas by a color key and Art B shows them by number. This is the official art that I'm using to create artwork for each location. There was a mix up with colors 7 and 8 switching. Please note that the final mint art matched the original positions of 7 and 8. I think I have all the 7/8 colors correct on the spreadsheet. Please check the spreadsheet and if your colors are reversed let me know. We added areas 9 and 10 for a few people who requested that. If you did not choose colors for area 9 and 10 DON'T PANIC - I will use the same colors that you selected for 5 and 6 for those. Even though there are 10 different color areas on the front, you can still only use up to 5 colors. I will have mint artwork for everyone next week so you can confirm your colors before the coins go to mint. If you haven't sent me color choices yet please get those into me by the end of the day. Emma PS - I love everyone's color choices - these coins are going to turn out great!
  5. You can email support@geoswag.com for the status and to find out what the delay is. Emma
  6. Drivers, start your engines! These new Cache Buddy Racer tags were designed by Gridlox. The significance of the numbers on the cars: 00 - First geocache 03 - First GeoWoodstock 07 - First GeoCoinFest 10 - Cache Buddy Racers start racing Cache Buddy Racers are available at Geoswag.com
  7. They are sold out, but we will have them in stock again this coming November/December.
  8. Photos of the RE are now up: I love this antique gold version. Thanks again for a great design celticgeocacher!
  9. We now have the Regular Edition of the Book of Kells coin available. Finally! No photos yet, but I'll post the photo here as soon as it's ready.
  10. The newest arrival in our Cache Buddies series from Geoswag is Anemone the Clown Fish. We hope you can find him and move him along!
  11. Another Cache Buddy joined our collection at Geoswag this week: Sydney the Koala. This cuddly traveler wants to travel all over the outback. He'd probably be happy traveling in other parts of the world too. You can pick one up here.
  12. Cool new trackable. She is a man? Yep. As in gingerbread mankind.
  13. Dottie the Gingerbread Man is the second Cache Buddy that Geoswag released this week. She knows the muffin man who lives down Drury Lane. Now move her along before she is eaten! Dottie is trackable with a unique icon and available now at Geoswag.
  14. Hi Everyone, Geoswag has just released a new travel tag series called Cache Buddies. This week we have a little reindeer named Rudolph, whose shiny nose will lead you from cache to cache. These are available now at Geoswag. It has been a lot of fun working on this new series. We have several other Cache Buddies that will be coming out soon. I love to get ideas from geocachers and collectors, so if there is an animal you'd like to see made into a Cache Buddy let me know!
  15. This coin only comes in gold and nickel. Are you living in the US? The shipping charge should only be $3.24. Please feel free to email me any questions directly at emma@oakcoins.com - I will get back to you within 1 business day.
  16. These 4 new geocoins are now available on Geoswag. I love their elegant design (thanks Gridlox!) and they look really nice with transparent color. The price is great too - only $6.97. "Share joy, peace, love and the spirit of Christmas with these new geocoins. These 4 geocoins are over 2" long! They are shaped like dog tags and include a chain so they can even be used as ornaments to decorate your tree! Each coin is made with transparent imitation hard enamel color."
  17. I saw your Bronze Beary Christmas coin in person this week. It's a beautiful coin! Great quality.
  18. Hi! My name is Emma and I work for Oakcoins and Geoswag (as my username suggests!). Some of you who have worked with me on coins may know that I am Australian. I am very excited about a new coin that Geoswag has just released for Christmas. I come up with a shockingly small amount of coin ideas...but this one was actually mine! One of my favourite Christmas traditions/stories from childhood was that when Santa comes to Australia his sleigh is pulled by kangaroos because it is too hot for the reindeer. This story came from a Rolf Harris song called "Six White Boomers" and it was re-enacted each Christmas at my school and I am sure many others. They are available now on the Geoswag pre-sale site. Thanks to Gridlox for a great design!
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