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  1. Can anyone tell me how to post pictures into my gallery? I have searched and searched but can not find that "magic" button that would allow me to do this. The only pictures I can find to post are my profile and avatar pictures. Any advice would be great -- Thanks
  2. I have been searching for a while and haven't found the answer yet ... I have a Palm Pilot Tungsten E series and was wondering if there was a way to download caches into it? It's an older palm I have had lying around and thought I would try and put it to use. Currently I am able to cut and paste information into the address book but still looking for an easier way. I have looked at GSAK forums and was not able to find anything there either. I am able to load my caches onto my Garmin e-trex legend HCx but don't know how to load my finds back onto the computer. Still Learning ... Thanks CHDdad
  3. Hello, I am pretty new to this sport (only 21 found to date) and am trying to figure out how to keep a log of the caches that are in my area or of ones that I want to find eventually. I have a Garmin eTrex H GPS without a download cable so I manually input the coord into the GPS then I am logging the GC codes, coords, hints, cache size and additional info on an excel sheet so I can have know what I am looking for and where I am going (that is more for my wife, she wants to know the hints and size of containers so the kids can trade items). I feel that I am doing WAY TO MUCH to keep track of these. I don't have an iphone or anything fancy like that. Any advice on how I can log caches that I am will eventually be looking for would be great. Right now, I use the "nearest" function on my GPS then cross that with what is on my paper or spreadsheet to get the info.
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