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  1. That link is to a YouTube video, not a coord.info GC page. Yes the video is my spoiler for my cache as listed.
  2. Yes, there is, but only through geocaching.com.au not geocaching.com. We call the trig point/stations here. http://wiki.geocaching.com.au/wiki/Trigpoint
  3. My new bush cache: closed: open: and it is nowhere that it could be mistaken for the real thing. and I put a nice big colourful sticker on the underside.
  4. SO it has taken me a while, and this is still not listed just yet. But I have had to Australianize the plans for the materials and dimensions available to me. I have a gallery that you can view of my construction process here. but here is my final result... one is a 10 word code solvable after finding the first two in a sieries and the other is the english conversion of the hebrew alphabet requiring the finder to translate a hebrew word on a public building. I did struggle with the process and had been trying to build one of these even before i found this thread. But thanks to the help here from Soxter (thankyou) the process came together and will be so much easier now I have built one or two. I built the dials a little differently and more dangerously. I routered out 1/2 of the material inside the dial, this kept my final cache tube bigger. I used an idea from upthread for routing out the groove. thanks again fellow cachers. I hope my experience and photos help some out like those before me helped me.
  5. This is just what I have been looking for! Thankyou to everyone involved for sharing this info and watch this space.....
  6. I think that would make a great mystery cache, located at the unknown fourth 'home base' co-ordinates of a diamond, after giving the hunter the co-ordinates of the other three bases/points of the diamond. that would work with the theme.
  7. my new apple core cache... my who's who of caches and my own puzzle box... all constucted / adapted by yours truely.
  8. my new apple core cache... my who's who of caches and my own puzzle box... all constucted / adapted by yours truely.
  9. thankyou. I came to that conclusion myself over tonight and have downloaded URWIGO and will play with that and see how that goes.
  10. In following the tutorial, my first step is to create a zone. I have entered a street address that was recognized and bought up the correct co-ords, but I would like to proceed using the satelite imagery to disect more zones... but I don't have any. why? how can I get it? have I done someting wong? yours,
  11. just read a great article from my home state government that has helped me... http://www.lands.nsw.gov.au/_media/lands/p...ploring_GPS.pdf
  12. I am using a Nokia 5800 Xpress music I love it. (I couldn't afford the Iphone and was too worried about breaking it anyway) It has GPS and Wifi and bluetooth. So where I have 3g reception + outdoors I can use a little program called Trimble Geocache Navigator ($30 purchase) to find / locate / log caches.. the interface is a bit clunky but it does the Job. with the nokia you can also take a photo of the cache / experience and upload a photo straight from the phone via usb as you log in detail. I did have a 8m error yesterday in the rain / clouds but most times it is quicker and more reliable than my car uniden. I would proudly endorse this phone. you can also download your geocaching podcast / music and listen to it on speaker quite nicely, even in the car. it will chew up battery when you use all this stuff at once, but you get a good days work out of it before it dies. -get a car charger. the only drama is if the missus rings whilst you are on the trail... it stuffs it all up!
  13. cheers. It worked! It took a bit to find my GUID to enter, but I finally found it after reading the hint again and right clicking my stats bar on geocaching.com and extracting the appropriate string.
  14. I am trying to slowly introduce some of my friends to geocaching. and keep tabs on my friends who already are. I am wondering if there is a way to post my /our geocaching profile into my facebook profile / page. I am not to proficient on HTML but would appreciate the knowledge. TFTCing help. darth trader
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