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    I know that GSAK has a forum by ist own. But I could't log in at the forum either. Because of the same e-mail problem. So I asked it here. I didn't know where else to go. But now my problem is solved en this topic can be closed. Thanks to all, who tried to help me.
  2. Meeuw_5


    I've tried to register at the forum, but it seem my email adres (ziggo-email) blokked all GSAK-email. Now I've sent a new (gmail) emailadres to Clyde and now I got a (very quick!) mail back from him with the new serial. I am very happy . It was not a problem of Clyde but a problem of my provider.
  3. Meeuw_5


    I've updated 3 july my version GSAK to version 8 (I've payed with paypal). But I don't have got a new serialumber. I've a serialnumber of version 7, but now I need a new one one for version 8, because my old version 7 number did't work on version 8. If I ask to sent a new serialnumber at the website nothing happend. I 've emailed Clyde (the owwner of GSAK) but nothing happend. I tried to log in at the GSAK forum to ask there how I can get a new serial (witch a payed for). So I can ask my questions at th GSAK forum. But I can't make a reply because the forum says that I have no permission to log in at the forum. I also tried to resent a validation email at the GSAK forum, but again I received nothing, so no validation, no post at the forum. Clyde didn't answer my emails. How can I get a serial for my GSAK verion 8 ('ve I payed for it)? It seems nothing will work. Help me please.
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