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  1. The look on my 5 year old's face when she find the "treasure" To a 5 year old, the McCrap is cool.
  2. I suggest a category to honor our nations emergency services. The vehicle needs to be unique or antique. A little history about each vehicle would be nice, pictures would be great!!
  3. HA, HA, HA. LMAO this is too funny. I do the same thing
  4. I was out caching on Thanksgiving & some other cachers were working on a cache I had already done when the local PD showed up. I explained to the PD what they were doing & he seemed happy when I showed him my paperwork & GPSr. He also knew me because I work on the local Paramedic unit, which I'm sure didn't hurt.
  5. NiMH batteries are great, they do have a slight memory disadvantage. It is one that only somebody who pays very close attention to their batteries will notice. When you use NiMH, use them until the GPSr or whatever device they are in automaticly shuts itself off, then recharge then per the manufactures recomendations. At work, I use NiMH batteries in my Motorola Minitor IV pager, they usually last 36+ hours of continous useage. The pager alerts me when they are low. According to the service tech from the local radio shop, only after the batteries are low should they be recharged. This was confirmed by the tech from Medtronic (The people who make defibrillators). As for my GPSr, I also use NiMH and follow the same guidelines. I have an eTrex Venture & the batteries last 24+ hrs, usually leaving the backlight on continuously (I take it to work & work @ night). They are the Energizer 2300mAh rechargeable that I picked up at Wal-Mart for 10.00 for a four pack. The charger is a 1 hour charger from Radio Shack.
  6. Can you help me? I am a male Paramedic who is also a Ham radio operator. Can you make the background the 4 colors of the Geocaching logo with N3UEA in a crescent on the top? Thanks alot for your help.
  7. I don't have a 7R but I do have the VXA-700 which is the aviation/ham dual bander which I love. Haven't noticed a problem with the audio as mentioned above. ATC has not complained when I've used it to talk to them while in flight.
  8. No-code tech, thought about upgrading but haven't found the time
  9. In addition to the benifits previously listed, consider the following benifits of HAM Radio: 1: Autopatch. Using a repeater, you can make a telephone call. invaluable in an emergency. 2. Range. yes, this has been addressed but bears repeating. 2M communications are limited to 1500 watts (not likely with an HT but possible with the proper equipment) where CB(11M) is limited to 4 watts. I have a 50 watt 2M mobile in my cachemobile & regularly communicate with a repeater 50+ miles away. Not likely with a CB. 3. Proffesionalism. You MIGHT get lucky on CB, but I haven't met (or communicated) with a HAM that won't help in an emergency. As a matter of fact, helping in an emergency is one of the reasons the hobby hasn't been outlawed (by taking our frequencies) by the FCC. As you have no doubt guessed by my screenname, I'm a HAM. I used to use 11M (CB) but got fed up with all the crap I heard. Now, my HT goes with me on every geocache for one reason: reliable communications in the event of an emergency.
  10. Greetings Chris B. N3UEA Got my Garmin Venture today, Goin' caching tomarrow!!!
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