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  1. What is the best product for replacing Delorme Topo mapping software, PC Geocaching waypoints on street maps, etc.
  2. Using Chrome and it is doing the same thing on some other persons PC that has edge and win 10
  3. New computer with win 10, I can NOT load next pages after #1 when downloading a list of Caches, etc. any one having this problem ?
  4. Iss space station is most watched cache, are there lists of others??
  5. Need this for my grid, none show active in PQ's, any archived and still available out there, some where ??
  6. Lost activation words for my travel bug, when I enter code #, it will not give me the code words...........
  7. Pin will not open up the field to correct cords on puzzle Caches. Have restarted everything, nothing helps.
  8. How do I Delete messages in message center?
  9. 7-10-2013 Cache logs not loading "Geocache Logbook" page says "No Logs Found", instead of showing the most recent logs.
  10. Older logged Caches are reappearing months after they have been logged and deleted from my GPSr"s, that's when trying to download new field notes. The old and new show on my field notes when go to them. Delete everything and try again, same thing. Any idea's out there ??
  11. I don't have packaging that contains TB activation codes for my two new TB's. It was discarded when I received them. How do I activate with out????
  12. Yes ,but most replys were CACHES that no one had ever looked for.
  13. Lets try this question again, but this time Caches that have been looked for, and DNF's posted.l What is the record, of a Cache not being found. How long did it stand up, and what was/is the GC name?
  14. What is the record, of a Cache not being found. How long did it stand up, and what was/is the GC name?
  15. Glad you don't live here. When your local micros disappear, folks will know who to go after.
  16. Pocket Queries how to delete them from PQ page???????
  17. Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046' When veiwing Cache Maps I get this message, and when clicking on a cache to go to, in that window, it will not link to it?? Any help out there??
  18. How do I copy/ transfer GSAK database from and to a second computer Please help, Bruce Babab@insightbb.com
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