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  1. While the log appears to have the archive symbol, the cache is only showing as disabled and says temporarily unavailable at the top. As someone who has been frustrated by this hider's caches in the past (near to home but missing/poor condition/in dubious places) I do wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye - perhaps the very fact that someone has taken stones out of a wall to find the cache was prompt enough?
  2. Choose somewhere you've always wanted to go and go there - there are bound to be caches there! I went to Salzburg in the summer (Sound of Music nut!) and the caching was a big part of my plans - helped me make my way around parts of the city I might not have otherwise seen. It was great as it meant I was more inclined to walk to my hotel than get taxis - there was a nice trail of caches between the main part of the city and my hotel on the outskirts - even walked in the chucking rain!
  3. As Martlakes said, you need to update the version of the app. This started happening after a previous upgrade a couple of months ago. It can be solved by hand if you zoom until you can see the cache's green icon then click on it, but best just to do the update. It was very annoying at the time, but is now working much better. I have found hundreds of caches with my iPhone, and while I do now mainly use a Venture HC I still quite often take only the iPhone if I'm just planning to do a couple of caches, as it's so much easier! Hope you have better luck with it next time you use it!
  4. With a name like that, you'll have to stay just down the road at Flookburgh. That's exactly where my caching name came from! Our block in the halls of residence was called Flookburgh!
  5. Ooh I'm really pleased! Was in Cartmel college at Lancaster Uni and always wanted to visit!
  6. cache hunting is with a GPS clues and such are all fun but if u ent got an iphone then with such apps then say so,we'l all stay clear, Pardon? Not sure what this means or how it responds to what I said?
  7. Your cache is pretty local to me, and I put it on my watchlist because straight away it looked 'interesting'! I figured out from other your cache description that this would be tricky in a way, and something different - didn't take much from the name and description to figure out what it was. I'm in no way annoyed that I don't have the technology for it - it's one of those things, and if I was that bothered about finding it I could try and borrow what I needed. Can't see why people should complain - it's clear from the cache description more than one visit will possible be required.
  8. Well, a year ago this week I was busy telling my sister I thought Geocaching was possibly the saddest thing I'd ever heard of! Her and her hubby dragged me along, still protesting, and I went home 2 finds later still telling her it was the saddest thing I'd ever heard of! Little did she know I looked for 2 on my way home from Filey to Bradford (DNFs of course!) and spent the next few days (months?!) thinking of little else! Almost a thousand caches later, I've managed to convert another - who himself has been mocking me for the past 9 months (took me a while to admit my 'habit' to my friends!), but as soon as he found one has become hooked! Seems some people have to suck it and see!
  9. Yes, the iPhone App seems to have gone crackers this morning! Says it can't send logs but obviously does (but only the first one) - logged one of mine 7 times!
  10. My Dad just texted to let me know that BBC click agrees with his opinion that Geocanching 'might sound geeky but can be fun.' (Although he thinks it's very geeky!) You can see it here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/clic...ine/8912348.stm
  11. Ha ha! As soon as he said it was geeky I texted him and asked if he was geocaching! I got to work and stopped listening before the reveal (I now time my drive to work so I don't have to listen to the intolerable 'Where Am I?' with Tim Westwood!), so I was hoping if it was caching, someone would have mentioned it on here. Thanks for putting me out of my misery!
  12. Ha ha! Wish that was still around - can't believe it was so near to my house! I would even have braved goats for that!
  13. Ha ha- not seen this thread before! Every time I mention meeting fellow cachers my mum asks if they are single! Just signed up for plenty of fish and had a few queries about Geocaching - does sound a bit bonkers though!
  14. Yes I am! I installed teh update but still no joy with finding nearest caches!
  15. I found mysel in teh exact same predicament recently - I found my first 200 caches with the iPhone but knew it wasn;t that great accuracy wise and was struggling with the battery on longer trips - I was also concerned about the wear and tear on the phone! I was about to get an etrex h on offer at Go Outdoors for £60 but was able to get an etrex Venture HC from ebay for £70 never used! Anyhow, I've been out with it a couple of times - still use the iPhone for descriptions/hint/map if I get stuck - but using the Venture for the main navigation. This means I can find lots of caches without the iPhone battery running down (got 15 with less than 20% of battery used) and have an increased accuracy. I am happy with this combo for now, and waypoints are easy to put straight onto the Venture from the site using the cable that came with it!
  16. My Camp 91Farnley Post Hill cache GC1TZV0 has utilised one of these since the orginal box was muggled has survived dry and intact despite being under almost a foot of snow for 5 weeks during Dec/Jan. This is true - I found that cache (my 100th!) just as the snow had gone and it had held up really well! I am glad G7HRP replied with that, because until that moment, I was thinking 'Oxyclean? As in the spot treatment?!' - Now I get what you mean!
  17. It does this to me every now and again - it says a cache is inactive - but you can still find it. It often occurs at the same time as it tells me my username is 'awaiting verification' and then says my account has not been verified. Again, it still lets me find the cache, I just have to wait a little while to be able to submit my log. The first time it happened to me coincided with a day when o2's network coverage went down - not sure if the 2 things were related. I save caches I am looking for to my favourites on the app, so that even if I have no network coverage, I can still navigate to the cache/read the hint/description etc.
  18. Fab report! You did a great job! Nice to hear a fellow younger woman on there too!
  19. I've been using my iPhone for all my caching since I started in November and have found 216 caches with it so far! I have now bought an etrex Venture HC as I've been warned about poorer GPS signal in the summer and am worried about the wear and tear on my phone. However, I am certain I will still be using my iPhone an awful lot as I can't imagine going out without the hints/descriptions/recent logs and most importantly the satellite maps! My battery tends to last about 4 hours constant use and then I have a powerjolt extra battery, which charges up in my car, at the same time I can have my phone on charge too! This gives it an extra 90 mins or so of life. Was surprised to see that someone earlier in the thread had written that the iPhone app doesn't cope with additional waypoints - I have done a few multis and puzzles with it now; all you do is click a button on screen which allows you to store additional waypoints. This was also useful when placing a number of caches in a small area, as I was able to add each location as a waypoint within the map for another cache and check that they were far enough away from each other.
  20. Driving 5 miles to a suitable length of hedgerow_________ £3.50 12 unwanted 35mm film pots from Boots_______________ £0.00 The looks on their faces when they realised what they got for £350__________________________________ Priceless That's made my day!
  21. Well done! I started 3 months ago with one or two here and there....now I'm up to 179 finds, including 60 this week (a week off work!) - I'll warn you now, this hobby is sooooooo addictive!
  22. Mine seemed to have stopped altogether, so I went to see if I needed to change anything in my settings.....I had no notifications set up at all! No idea why, as I did have and had been receiving notifications - bizarre that the settings seem to have been knocked off altogether!
  23. I have had the same problem and the last one was most definitely within the distance limit! Annoying as it's 3 minutes away from work and I could ahve easily got the FTF! Never mind!
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