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  1. Wheresgeorge.com has some stamp makers on there that would serve this purpose.
  2. Perhaps I should clarify. I am referring to the mission tags we can print up from the website, laminate, and then put on the TB.
  3. I have taken to making my own tags. Groundspeak's is too big and has too much info
  4. Why? Because you associate it with some activity? It offends you? If that's the case, I think your username should be "illegal" because eight people were killed by a bomb in Istanbul on August 20th. Some people might be offended by that... A number is a number and nothing more. Exactly. The rather blatant "420" marijuana users reference is part of that cacher's geo-nickname. Outlaw it, and you prevent them from properly labeling their caches. Don't let a number bother you. But is advertising the usage of illegal drugs family friendly? The number "420" does not, in and of itself, advertise illegal drugs. It certainly doesn't mean that to me. Please continue here so as to not pollute the great CCC thread with silly drug-related comments. As a peace officer for over a decade I will tell you all UNEQUIVOCALLY that the 420 reference and the mushrooms is absolutely drug related. Any statement otherwise is either a blatant lie or a lack of knowledge on the subject. Snopes Huffington Post Wikipedia All encompassing Google search
  5. I've never heard of a cache being used for more than one site
  6. As you approach another geocacher you raise the staff over your head and smite them over the head with it. Then you take all the swag and TB's they are carrying.
  7. Then there are those TB's with TB's attached that just look funny. Panicky Smurf
  8. I have 54 TB's. One is my car..so let's consider that 53. One is a coin that stays with me so let's go 52. Of those 52 I have marked 12 as missing. About 6 of those were recently stolen from a cache I owned GC2DH8R that had the padlocks cut to make entry. If it wasn't for those last stolen ones my percentage would be pretty good. As it is I am happy with what I have. I attach all my TB's with cable and ferrule and I think that helps a lot. Panicky Smurf
  9. We had a similar situation occur around here when the owner of several beloved puzzle caches committed geocide. No one could get in touch with him to get permission, so the owners of the redux puzzle caches had to specify that they had used new containers, and had not used the original owner's containers without permission. I actually disagree with this. If you archive the cache you are relinquishing all ownership. If someone leaves their trash in the field like this, abandoned it, they no longer own it. There is actually case law backing this up.
  10. I recently had a wonderful cache get vandalised. It was padlocked and someone actually cut the padlocks and stole the two ammo cans inside. Once of which had about 10 TB's in it. From now on all my caches are premium only. It was something I tried to avoid.
  11. I just have to resurrect this thread. I love TB's and I think we need to take more pictures of them in their travels. I made a series of TB's from 10 deputies in California killed in the line of duty. This was one of them.
  12. I attach all my TB's with cable and a ferrule. Harder to remove that way. I will also frequently drill through the TB to attach said cable. This makes it less "collectible"
  13. Worked for me the other day when I sent a TB to Sweeny http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/5213/66416345.png' alt='66416345.png'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]
  14. There is NO legal expectation of privacy in this scenario. You're good to go (video only, no audio). If you're doing it for fun put a note on the cache page. If you're doing to catch a thief...good luck and god speed.
  15. If they have archived the cache and not removed the container then shame on them. If you can't adopt the archived cache be sure to remove the container so it doesn't just become trash.
  16. It is actually not that unusual for homeless people to build camps in trees. Many people don't look up and they avoid detection a bit more that way
  17. HHF, I hadn't considered that.
  18. But is sounds like someone took a code from a coin and applied it to a purple dinosaur. How can that be legit?
  19. What have you seen in a TB that you though was really creative/cool/unique or outside of the box? What would you like to see in a TB that you haven't seen.
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