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  1. Are you wanting to put your caches up for adoption? If so, I'll do some maintenance for you. No sarcasm, I really will.
  2. I've since expanded my point - see below. Happy caching
  3. Sometimes it is just that the previous cacher didn't close the cache container properly! Frustrating, but it happens. All this is a bit of a moot point though. Context matters and that is going to vary cache to cache. If a genuine intent for helpfulness is coming through in the logs, be they a write note, in the found it log, or in the NM log, none of these issues really matter. Sure, there are regional norms that vary, but the intent is usually clear. Good intent = good cacher, bad intent = bad cacher.
  4. Exactly the same here - and even more so if the cacher in question has an obvious motive for the use of NMs . If I find a wet log , I'll replace it with something like for like, and mention it in my log, but I won't put an NM on a cache. I certainly wouldn't put an NA on a wet log. The CO can read my found it log and act on it. If it appears to be a very special logbook, I might also write a quick message to the CO. But in general, the idea here is helpfulness, not hostility... and I think that is pretty evident from how the logs are worded. We're a community of people with common interests and friendliness and helpfulness goes a long way. That said, it probably is possible to be helpful while using NMs, especially in an area where the norms are to use them, but again that would be clear in how you write your logs. I've seen some distasteful looking write notes and some kind NM notes. tl;dr - be helpful not hostile Happy caching folks.
  5. Definitely not a bug! I often hide a cache, leave it for a week, and ask a geocaching friend to check it for me. If all is working properly and it hasn't been muggled, I'll write up a cache page for submission. However, my geocaching friend will log it on the date he signed the log - which is going to be before the cache was published. Of course, no one claims FTF under these circumstances, but there is nothing stopping a pre-publication log. In this case, just a new cacher getting confused s/he will find their feet soon enough.
  6. Hi - an alternative method is to use the Project-GC TB rescue map: https://project-gc.com/Tools/TBRescue Hope you get it back!
  7. I've never seen the "old" search page until today! So happy to have it in the filter.
  8. I'm going against the grain - I like it! Finally, I can do some meaningful filtering on CO's caches, or search by geocache name. It's a good day for me
  9. Hey - I just wanted to come back and say thanks again. I've got it working. Wahoo Appreciate the help.
  10. Ohh that seems promising!!! Thanks for pointing me in that direction
  11. Hi, good morning / good evening, wherever you are! I've acquired (OK, I've outright stolen, using the goodwill of @Ranger Fox and his open source code) the lua files for not one but two whereigos I want to replicate here in SEQ. Thank you RF! However, I can't open these in Wherigo builder, or do anything useful with them. In fact, I can't even open gwc files in Wherigo builder, as the lua file is associated with cartridges. #@$#@ why God why!!!! OK, back to the topic. So I'm wondering if there is an easier builder to work with that is going to let me put these lua files to good use so I don't need to start again. I need to tailor them to be suitable to the local environment. I'm pretty comfortable playing around with code, so that isn't the issue, I just need a builder that... works! Win 10 64 bit here. Many many thanks.
  12. Are we talking about the same caches? GC4FD46 - last found 10th April GC4F7QP - last found 28th February
  13. Less than two months. Given the COVID situation and the local lockdowns we've experienced, I'm not surprised or concerned.
  14. There is no meaningful threat of them being archived. They don't even have NM's on them.
  15. 100% Ministro is a decent guy, always reasonable to me as well. I can't imagine being a voluntary reviewer, unpaid, and having to put up with this kind of rubbish on a daily basis. It's a thankless role.
  16. Nice looking cache, Jeff. Makes me want to go visit that waterfall! Sure, if you're putting a cache at that location, you don't want an archived cache causing confusion. For me, if an archived cache is in decent condition and isn't going to cause confusion, I leave it there for others to find.
  17. Why remove the cache? That spoils the fun for future finders of archived caches.
  18. I love micros. I cache for the location, for the thrill of solving a puzzle, for the entertainment factor of finding something that someone else has hidden... for the buzz of finding that really challenging evil hide. I don't really care about the swag, so for me it's just a matter of finding the cache and SL. I'd love it if eclipse tins were just that smidgen bigger so they could hold a TB, then I'd be in caching heaven. But why does anyone care what my favourite type of cache is? We all cache for our own reasons. This is a sport. If you don't want to play, don't. Go watch golf on telly or something...
  19. Thanks everyone. You are right, the grey caches I am seeing are disabled, not archived. I don't know about trying to find them though, since I have no idea if the CO has temporarily removed them or not.
  20. I don't seem to be able to filter out archived caches on google maps, any ideas??? They come up as grey squares instead of white ones, but I'd rather they don't appear at all. Cheers, OBC
  21. I am new to Geocaching. So far I have really enjoyed solving the puzzle caches that are scattered throughout my fine city. I am still learning the ropes. I think that on my second day of caching, I logged a find that wasn't technically a find. Oops, deleted. I'm also pretty sure that I have logged some DNF's on caches that are there. Hopefully I develop a bit more of a cachers eye soon. Looking forward to clearing the map around my local area (although, a few of the puzzles have me "bushed") and then discovering a few new areas that I would never have gotten to if not for cheap one dollar kids toys hidden in plastic containers....
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