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  1. in my neck of the woods we call this a day late and a dollar short.
  2. I use NiMH rechargeable. They are $5 for four and the charger was another $15.
  3. anyone know if this plugin was ever updated?
  4. I do like that method of determining a find. Just take a picture at GZ and move on - saves lots of time looking, for sure.
  5. I'd say don't depend on what the GPS says. Get in the general area and start looking. Use a flashlight even when you think you can see everything. Find an experienced cacher in the area and ask if you can tag along on a run. When I get stumped on a cache, I make my 9 year old go with me - he is usually good at thinking outside the box and finding something that was difficult for me. I'd consider renting him if you are interested.
  6. try this link: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/default.aspx
  7. Okay - here is my real motive. I plan to be "just in the neighborhood" with a ladder to rent for anyone hunting. When I started caching, I did not carry a flashlight, wire, string with a magnet among other items. I've learned over the months of doing this. Why can't a ladder just be part of the learning experience? A "Little Giant" type ladder fits in most vehicles and would get you to this cache location.
  8. I don't necessarily enjoy the every day skirt lifter. I more enjoy the challenge of getting to the cache - on the top of a mountain, in a water culvert, or on top of a wall. I'm trying to not give too many details on "the wall" as I know some of the possible hunters are active on here. Let's just say the structure is sound. You can do no damage to it by placing a ladder up against it. I suppose you could throw a grappling hook over the top and then pull yourself up. I learn something every day about what I should have in my bag that might help me retrieve a cache - a piece of wire, magnet on a string, etc. I thought why not a ladder. Sure, maybe only 3 people will go to the trouble of finding it. I had in my mind a 3 - 3.5 as well. The difficulty rating will be low. The hunter will have to put two and two together - cache should be easy to find with a 1.5D, but it is not here at the base of the wall??? Ah, terrain is high - where else could it be?
  9. The cache itself would be hidden atop a wall. I can't give any more information than that. Only access to the top of the wall would be via ladder or bucket truck. The wall is 18-20 feet high. The "special equipment" requirement in clayjar's rating system gives this one a 5 terrain rating, but that seems too harsh. Looking for input. TIA.
  10. You could get a motorola smartphone Q or Q9c on ebay for cheap and then use cachemate. That is how I started before investing into a paperless GPS unit.
  11. just went to enable a new listing - but noooooooooo....
  12. Shouldn't be put on the reviewer as the listing owner should take serious the check box for "Yes. I have read and understand the guidelines for listing a cache." Then, a waiver of personal responsibility acceptance is then agreed to by the CO. In your example of the bomb squad possibly wanting to bill someone for their trouble would be presented to the CO if it is determined they did not have permission from the Walmart company. Of course, 95% of all caches would then be archived. I have found it very hard to track down property owners to seek adequate permission. I found it very comical when I asked a local member who to talk with about placing on local government land where they have placed many, many caches - the person had no clue. This gives me a pretty good idea that adequate permission has not been gained for those caches.
  13. there are very good and active group on groups.yahoo.com that I would also check into. I have a MAP330 and that group helped me a great deal get going with it.
  14. I personally think that 1 million caches should be allowed - per Austin Powers.
  15. FreeBird65


    I have a set - the only thing I do not like about them is that you have to cycle through all the lighting settings to turn off the light.
  16. I copy caches, either individually or from a PQ to my 765T. They then show as an icon on the screen. You can "touch" the cache and say "go to" and the unit will navigate you to it. You can then delete the cache from the 765T if you no longer want to see it on the screen. I don't think that you can turn on/off the cache display, but I have not investigated that.
  17. Does this mean that the entire team did not get out of the vehicle and find the cache in this "record attempt?"
  18. Sorry - I am one of those rules based personalities. I would sign the log so I guess I had it in my head that the four cachers boasting their accomplishment would do the same. But, now that I think about it that would be one way to make up some time if you were trying to push yourself for 24 hours. I wonder if the other three even got out of the 4x4? I'd have to sign the log in order to look in the mirror. But, that is just the way I am since I view "signing the log" as a requirement for a find.
  19. yes - I use cache register - the "Delorme Pocket cache register widget" threw me off. It is worth $10.
  20. I normally just "sync" mine again - it will come back and say something to the effect that everything is current, but there are field notes. Do you want to upload? I say yes and a GC page is brought up where I can compose a log, etc.
  21. It is pretty amazing - drive to cache, find it, pass around to 4 people to sign the log, go back to vehicle and then move on to next cache. Looks like the trail was fairly slow moving 4x4 path as well. Is there any hunting to these caches or is it simply getting there as the challenge?
  22. I'm sure this one has been duked out many times in the past. From the GC FAQ page: What are the rules in Geocaching? 1. If you take something from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value. 2. Write about your find in the cache logbook. 3. Log your experience at www.geocaching.com. I get stuck on the "write about your find in the cache logbook." I can take it that each cache would require a logbook and in order to log the experience I would be required to write something in the log....
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