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  1. Hi all I personally carry a ham handheld purely as a backup for emergency only comms as I don't have a license I cannot transmit outside of an emergency but can listen all I want better to have a backup and not need it then need and not have plus I don't geocache in a group
  2. Hey there fellow geocacher I carry a ham but its for emergency comms only in case of emergency as I'd need a license to transmit outside of that I can listen all I want but I choose a mindset of better to have a backup and not need it vs need it and not have a backup
  3. Hi everyone was considering about clothing patches to stick on my rucksack as in some cases they have the members user name/number etc has geocaching. Com considered such a thing? I'm still in early days of geocaching I've only just got a GPS and I've gotta get other required bits before I can make a full day of it happy geocaching everyone ?
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