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  1. One other thing Madog, I'm a major Zappa fan and I've never heard that quote. Definately sounds like Frank, though. TAB
  2. Thanks for the info Team Madog. You hit it perfectly. I was doing that same thing but when I just tried it again, I found that I was scrolling down the list of icons. The cache icons were UP! Once I changed the waypoint default icon to the treasure chest, I was able to get to the found option. Thanks a lot. ~Shortwaver
  3. CompuCash, thanks for the reply. That's what I have been doing as it's the only way I've found to do it. There is a specific "geocaching" feature in the Vista C that allows you to mark found, and not found, caches. It shows them as an open, or closed, treasure chest. It also does, I believe, sound a proximity alarm when you are close to the cache. Pretty cool I'd say! Thanks ~Shortwaver Not all those who wander are lost... -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  4. I've read the manual and searched here on Groundspeak but I haven't found a way to create a geocache waypoint on the Vista C. The manual states that it can be done via a pc (but doesn't go into detail) but I'd like to do it directly from the gps. Basically, I'd like to be on a hike and type the coordinates of a new geocache into the vista but the only way I can do that is by making a waypoint. I have not found a way to change a waypoint to a geocache, either. Also, is there a way that I can set up a geocache/waypoint and have the vista "point" me in the right direction instead on showing me a direct "route" to it? It would be nice just to have a arrow to guide by. Thanks for any help. ~Shortwaver
  5. Thanks for the precise explanations of the main differences. That has really helped me decide. Thanks, ~Shortwaver Not all those who wander are lost... -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  6. Thanks for the info. One thing I didn't add was that I hold it in my hand, not horizontally, most of the time. These are all good ideas that I will use to see if I can improve reception. I guess what surprised me is that when I read of it's so-so recertion, I thought it was in thick overhead. Something that I wasn't under. I'm also glad to hear that Magellan's may not be a whole lot better because I totally stressed making the decision between the Meridian and the Vista. ~Shortwaver Not all those who wander are lost... -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  7. Is there a major difference between them? I have a routing capable gps and I'm looking forward to using this capabilty. Looking for any good information on your results with Mapsource. Thanks! Shortwaver Not all those who wander are lost... -- J.R.R. Tolkien
  8. This is my first gps unit and I've had it for about a week. I've gone on 3 cache hunts and have had pretty good results until today. I was in a forest in Northern RI and had problems maintaining a signal in a few spots. The trouble is that these spots had dry tree cover with about 60 percent of the sky blocked. I could see enough of the sky to track a plane if it was flying overhead. I had heard, and expected that the signal lock would not be as good as the Magellans but I was surprised that with a great, dry day and visible sky, that I would loose a signal. Now, since I'm new to this, I may be expecting too much. Has anyone else had similar issues with these units? Thanks, Shortwaver
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