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  1. I would just like to say thankyou for all the helpfull advice from everyone. We found a series called Templer way and did all fifteen of them yesterday and the kiddies absolutely loved them. cachehunny
  2. Hi all, i'm visiting my sister in Bickington, Devon, near newton abbot, can anyone recommend a good series for me to do with the children, they are aged 6, 7, and 10, i realise that at this time of year the terrain may be muddy, but was wondering if anyone could recommend a series that not only has plenty of small to medium size caches but with some kiddie type challenges i.e. some fun places for the little ones to fathom out the location of the cache, back home in surrey there are loads of this kind of cache but my sisters children (who have never cached) would like to try it and i want their first caching experience to be a fun and memorable one. Any suggestions will be greatly recieved, thankyou in advance , cachehunny.
  3. wow that's amazing, fortunatley the one i hide will be a little easier for geocachers to reach, i like several other geocachers i know would love the chance to get to this one, who knows maybe one day, until then i'll have to be content with ones on the ground
  4. Hi all, i typed ' biggest cache in the world '', into google and it came up with one found by sloppy jo and amysan, it looks like a large tank type container with a lid, (clip on you tube) , but then there was another one that was done by someone called Seth, this one appears to be at his house, so was the container large or was it just the fact that it was in his house that made it large. There was another one but it was a small container hidden on the largest truck in the world, so again does this pass as the largest cache or is it just because it was on a large truck. I'm asking because i intend to hide a large cache and was wondering if it was possible for me to have a go at the largest cache in the world but i just need to know the actuall size of the largest cache container . If anyone has any info that would be helpfull, i'd be really grateful. thanks and look forward to hearing from you guys and gals Muttitt (jacque)
  5. hi , i've retrieved a tb, rather than drop it into a cache near an airport, i was wondering if you are allowed to send the to a relative living in the country of the goal, or is that considered cheating. could someone let me know , i am happy to drop this tb into a tb hotel but it would get there quicker if it was posted to my relative to continue on it's goal. muttitt
  6. thanks for replying, how niave am i , well you can rest assured that ALL my cache's will be placed with permission as i intend for them to be accessable for disabled geocachers whether in a wheel chair or not, i am however a bit dissapointed that some of the most beautiful places around me have a definete NO from landowners for geocaching
  7. i was wondering if there was such a thing as a data base of agreement to geocache on their site letters, by that i mean is there somewhere i can log onto and find out if a certain area has already got agreement from the landowners for geocachers to hide cache's on their land, i have only found 70 so far and i'm going to wait till i've found 100 before i hide my first geocaches , that way i'm hoping i will have found quite a variety of cache's and i'll have a lot more experience in this wonderful past time , if anyone does know if there is a site could they please let me know thankyou in advance muttitt
  8. bought mine from the mountguys $8.90 + shipping after I used the 10% off coupon. Looks like they ship to England thanks for that tadpole i will look into it
  9. hi there , does anyone have a computer download cable for a garmin e trex as mine didn't come with one , i am in surrey in england
  10. i only ever go out for a FTF if its real close to my home co-ords, but the main reason for me geocaching is i love finding places of real beauty and historical interest that i would not have even come across had it not been for the cache hunt , i love the thrill of the hunt but love the outdoors more. muttitt
  11. Deepest condolences, from muttitt,Mr M and the little ones. We send our thoughts and prayers to his family.
  12. Where are you located? Leatherhead is a little to specific. Hi Crude, Yeah sorry about that , i am in Leatherhead, surrey ,england
  13. Hi all just wondering what the best mobile is for whilst i'm out and about geocaching, i'm looking for something with a good to brilliant internet reception, and one i can get instant updates on all the geocaches in the area i'm hunting, also one that lets me log my finds as and when i find them( or don't find them). also what is the best application to get once i have this fantastic mobile, i can't afford an iphone though so it will have to be the next best thing, oh and does anyone have a download computer lead for a gps garmin etrex as when i got it , it didn't come with one, free would be nice but am willing to pay (not heaps though) lol, if you are going to one of the local meets (i'm in leatherhead) i could meet you there to collect. look forward to hearing any and all replies muttitt
  14. cachehunny


    HELP! this morning i finally got my brand new garmin etrex h arrive in the post, but i can't figure out how i enter co-ordinates into the thing, it didn't come with a download lead although it has an external power and data connector outlet , so i need to know how i enter co-ordinates into it to use later any help would be really appreciated as i wanted to use it today when i go to the south east coast to help a poor little geocoin on it's travels lol muttitt
  15. hi all merry xmas and a happy new year i dogwalk and geocache at the same time just a brilliant way of earning money and doing my hobby at the same time and whilst i'm walking the dogs the fact that i have to go certain routes means i find new and interesting new walks for my doggies, owners love it cause the dogs get a good excersise and it means the walks are never the same muttitt
  16. wow guys ,i wasn't expecting quite so many helpful answers but it does seem like a pda wins hands down, now to find one that doesn't cost the earth, any reccommendations on a good one would be much appreciated, there was a slight hic -up with my gps (garmin etrex h) but that's all sorted so it should be with me in the next day , mean time i'm still using my garmin nuvi 300 sat nav it's ok but it doesn't like rain and i can't attach it to a lanyard thanks once again for all the info and like i said any help on the best pda would be greatfully received
  17. ok having just secured my very first gps handheld unit, (garmin etrex H ), being delivered tommorow, woo hoo can't wait , it's gonna be the best xmas pressie ever, i now need to pick you guys brains on the best small compact laptop and internet service as i want to have a laptop with me out on the trail, oh also have seen on the geocach web shop a bag that i can put on my dog for him to carry his own water etc, has anyone else got one of these for their dog and if so how are they finding it, anyway if anyone can recommend a laptop (small) and a good internet service i'd really appreciate it thankyou Merry xmas and a happy new year to all muttitt
  18. hi Mrs B funny you should mention the mega event next july as i have registered to be there, just got to find somewhere to stay with my two little children , hubby and one dog as i never go geocaching without my dog, so if you know of a good place to stay, i'd be really interested, and you never know we could bump into each other , i can't wait to go thanks for your help Muttitt
  19. no this has been a lot of help , i spent a good half an hour on their site, i never realised there were so many products to do with geocaching, i know i'm getting money for xmas to go towards geocaching stuff so i will be stocking up and who knows after i've had a bit more experience of finding cache's i now know where to go when i hide my own, this store was fantastic in a way i'm glad i don't live close to it as i could quite easily spend loads of time and money there lol thankyou very much for your help Muttitt
  20. hi heyjonathan that's a very good point i hadn't actually thought of that , i have been to a couple of outdoor and camping activity outlets, but to no avail , they don't seem to stock any geocaching items so i'm guessing that you are right in so much as there isn't a high demand for such products, i must admit until i came across the article on geocaching in my dog magazine , i'd never heard of it either, strange as there seems to be loads of geocachers in places such as america and europe, but not so much in england oh well i will follow up on your suggestion to source items from other geocachers that way , like you say i can look before i buy Thankyou once again muttitt
  21. ok why is it all the geocache shops are either on line or up north, why aren't there any down here in surrey , or are there , does anyone know , if you do could you please let me know, i like to actually , physically look at things before i buy them , call me old fashioned but that's just me , I also would like to know what's the most popular purchase amongst geocacers, is it clothing, gps, coins, travel bugs , what, muttitt
  22. Hi i am looking for a geocaching group in Leatherhead surrey, or close to me does anyone know of a group i can become a member of Muttitt
  23. I'll second Marty's response - head straight to the SEcaching forum! We're an active and friendly bunch and have lots of joint caching trips. We're in reigate ourselves, so not far at all, and we may be out this weekend while babysitting three large dogs for the weekend - will let you know! there is also a monthly Surrey meet - next one is Dorking in January (we're skipping Xmas) so pop along if you can! All we do is sit in a pub and talk! oh that's excellent thanks for that you guys, i'm hoping to hunt out the rest of the series, ' mickleham ramblers ' on sunday , i don't know if you guys have done that one yet , but i only managed to find the 1st one so i'm going back to do the other 5 and the bonus, i'm quite excited catching up in January sounds great just let me know when and where, and pub sounds all the better
  24. hi all, i've been geocaching for about 2 months now and to be quite honest with you i'm getting a bit bored of it being just me and my dog, i'd love to go hunting with like minded people , as long as you don't mind my dog or my children being there then maybe i was thinking if there were any other dog loving parents for us to go with, that would be great, the little ones don't enjoy the wet weather hunting that much so it's just myself and my trusty canine, i live in leatherhead in surrey so if there is anyone else in the area , i tend to go only on weekends as i work 5 days a week from dawn till dusk, and i would love to try night time hunting but for obvious reasons wouldn't want to go on my own, so again anyone going on night time hunts i would love to tag along anyway happy hunting fellow hunters muttitt
  25. Thankyou for the welcome, i forgot to mention i took my son and his girlfriend with me, and by the end of the day they were hooked too so like i said next time i'm going to take the two little ones , i just know they'll love it, it's a good job my sons girlfriend had internet on her mobile as i needed to find out what the roman numerals above the door of one of the churches meant as i needed them to figure out a code in order to get the coordinates.
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