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  1. Name sent: November 23, 2016 Name received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  2. I am also interested in adopting a cache where the owner has been inactive for sometime, and does not respond to emails. The cache container is MIA and needs to be replaced. The issue isn't that this cache is holding up the placement of a new hide, its the age of the cache. It was hidden 07.04.2001. I have noticed more and more of these "oldies" diapering each year, and would like to be able to adopt some to keep them alive. My fear is for the next generation of cachers, and the lack of these "oldies" for them to discover. Is there anything that can be done in these cases?
  3. I am very interested in the new icons as well. My family and I will be up the week of the 28th of June and will be visiting Groundspeak HQ so I am hoping that they will be available by then.
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