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  1. Hi To start with stick with a traditional cache and read some of the logs first which will give you an idea if it’s an easy find or not. Regular size caches will probably be easier to find at first than a micro. There will be an event cache (a get together with cachers in a pub) toward the end of January in the Woking area so look out for that and you can pick up all the info you need, and a pint.  Good luck
  2. I don’t know the difference between all the 5900 series but have a rx5935 myself as do a lot of cachers I know, (rx5720 exactly the same but no wifi) With memory map, and MMsirfstar download (free) it’s a fantastic caching tool. Depends on your budget but they are often on eBay at a good price.
  3. I will also be watching this thread as we are In Falmouth from the 12/09 for a week and Im looking for something special for a landmark cache
  4. Having started the church micro series I agree that the caches should not be in the churchyard. Coordinates are not always bang on and people will poke around were they should not. ALL 50 of my church micros are hidden outside churchyards and if people need to go to the church I make it obvious were to go ie seat,information board, but even that looks suspect now! I would encourage anybody wishing to expand on this series to keep to the guidlines and find a suitable hide nearby.
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