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  1. Garmin has software called "Spanner". Install it and set the unit to "Garmin Spanner" in the setup menu. You will be able to use it just as you did the Vista. Unfortunately, Spanner is not supported with Windows 7 or Vista.
  2. Just unboxed my Montana today. Needless to say I'm excited. However, I've already ran into a couple of issues. Has anyone had trouble receiving waypoints directly from the device? With MapSource open and connected to the Montana I can retrieve tracks, but the waypoints fail to download. I've tried DNRGarmin as well and the same thing happens. Strangely, the waypoints display perfectly in BaseCamp. Looking at the Montana's internal storage in Windows Explorer the .gpx file is available and label Waypoints_27-JUL-11.gpx. I can open the Waypoints_27-JUL-11.gpx by way of the File->Open-> menu in MapSource and the waypoints load fine. But when I try to retrieve directly from the device I receive a "no waypoints found" error message. I thought maybe this is a MapSource problem, but it happens with DNRGarmin as well. The next issue may be intended with Garmin touchscreens. I have been using a Vista HCx for a couple of years. I typically would connect the Vista to my laptop via USB. The GPSr screen would be accessible allowing a user to navigate the Vista's menu. The Montana, however, displays a splash screen as soon as I plug in the USB. This renders the Montana useless while plugged in. Is this something I can change in the settings of the Monatana? Thanks for any responses.
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