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  1. While my personal best is nowhere near 240(maybe 45-50?), there can be a certain thrill in planning, routing and executing a full day of caching. Certainly not the same thrill as a 200ft elevation gain hike; but a thrill none the less. Like I said, I'm as new as they get but I see your point. I'm probably just jealous that I don't have more time to get out hunting. After reading some of the posts though about excuses for getting out of work and whatnot, I'm getting some good ideas about how to free up my time! Edit: By the way Mopar Rules !!
  2. Ya know, I'm very new to GeoCaching (only found two so far and the first one was by accident) but I've read a lot of posts about how many caches someone has found in a day. It just seems to me that the fun is in the quality of the adventure and not the quantity of the finds. I wonder how thoughtful the log entries are when you're only concern is how many more can I find before dark (or work or Christmas ... etc). Have a beer, relax, enjoy!
  3. CrimsonWrath, How's this: Email me if you like it and I can send you larger files. CapnJackSparrow
  4. Digging in the page source, I thought the color code was EBEEF0 but I think I see a little shadow on mine too. All those codes make you crossed eyed sometimes. Thanks GeoIA, that seems to have nailed it!
  5. A trick I learned from hikers in the Adirondac Mts. in upstate NY is to stuff Bounce dryer sheets into your sleeves, socks, and pockets. They seem to have the same effect as flea colars without the dangerous chemicals. I don't know why this works or if it has ever been scientifically proven, but since I've been doing this I have never been bothered by ticks, black flys, or mosquitos.
  6. Thanks WebScouter! obviously there are a lot of very talented GeoCachers here. Can someone give me the exact Hexi for the forum background gray? I seem to be off slightly.
  7. The whole idea is that the coordinates you are looking for are the ones posted. Is you question perhaps that the format is different? If so, your user manual should show you how to change the format to comply with your personal use of your GPSr.
  8. I was using PayPal long before they were bought out by eBay and have had no problems whatsoever. I even have the PayPal debit card (higher returns than Discover)
  9. Thank you Briansnat, Keystone Approver. You have answered my question. I promise my idea in no way violates the rules or changes the original cache from any of the prescribed guidelines. I also think it's going to be a lot of fun for a lot of cachers! Edit: Let me add that if it does pan out, I will share my idea with everyone after I am the first to implement it. (I'm just funny that way) Edit Edit: I know this was offered in another post, but I am a graphic designer by profession and offer my volluntary services for avitars if anyone is in need. Feel free to email me.
  10. I (We) are very new to GeoCaching, 2 finds so far, first one by accident. That said, I would also like to say I and about 10 of my closest friends are already addicted. Time restraints due to work schedules and other various excuses have preventd us from getting out in the feild more, but we have all downloaded (to registered versions of GSAK), waypoints of caches that we will be hunting soon. I have also read about 1000 posts on the Groundspeak forums and honestly believe I have come up with a unique idea for a cache. I have read and re-read all the rules for placing a cache and know that my idea does not violate ANY of these rules. I don't want to give away my idea, but it would require being able to "Update" my cache listing on a regular basis. This in no way means moving the cache or changing it's original contents. (Obviously it's contents would eventually be changed by seekers/finders) So my question is this: Is it possible to update the listing, or would I need to go through the entire approval process again each time? Sorry for making a short story long and thank you in advance for your responce. CapnJackSparrow
  11. I downloaded GSAK on a trail basis to see if it was for me. (which means it has to be incredibley user friendly) I checked it out and registered within 45 minutes. It is worth every penny of the $15.00 and, as I told Clyde, a whole lot more. If anyone is on the fence about registering, I would do it now before Clyde realizes what it's really worth. Edit: don't know Clyde personally, have no affiliation with GSAK, just personal opinion of an excelent software!
  12. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY Edit: Poor spelling, sry.
  13. go to www.geocaching .com, locate the caches you found by clicking on "Hide & Seek a Cache, then click on the blue flag in the upper right corner of the window which reads "Log Your Visit". Select the log type and add your coments.
  14. My concern would be getting a signal at all inside a parking facility.
  15. I don't know about CacheMate, but I downloaded GSAK and found it to be an incredible program. Also, if you do download GSAK and you're only looking to download specific caches, just click the .gpx icon at the top of the cache page you're interested in, download to your desk top, and import it into GSAK by using File - Open or ctrl+O Then, when you highlight the file in GSAK all the current information from geocaching.com will show up at the bottom of the window. Remember though that you are now viewing this information off line, and any new info added to the web site that you would like to save will require a new download of that cache page. CapnJack
  16. Angy, I am pretty green to GeoCaching myself and just bought my first GPSr. If you need advice on what to buy, I found this thread from geocaching.com experienced users to be very informative. Click here: What GPS do you use
  17. k (Edit - added a quote from a local Rochester, NY DJ) It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.
  18. dickssportingoods.com - national chain, good reputation, and excelent prices!
  19. Wow! This sounds like incredible sarcasm! If your calling me stupid, your looking for a firefight. I did read the manual and just misunderstood it's content. My thanks to LordSaw and MedicP1 for their valuable input, and my sympathy to NightPilot for his need for oneupmanship!
  20. One of my absolute favorite quotes frm the movie ... and how true!
  21. I have a SpoTrak Map. Only GPSr I've ever owned and I've only had it for five days now. I absolutly love it but haven't had experience with anything else so my opinion is mute. However, I find it to be more user friendly than my dishwasher (and she'll admit it too)!
  22. I was looking at it all wrong! I was thinking that all the filters in the drop down menu "Select a saved filter" were related to the user flags. After I read your post, I took another look at it and realized how the filters work. I claim to be a fast learner but sometimes I just can't see the GeoCache for the trees!! Thank you very much for the help. CapnJack
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