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  1. Congrats and welcome to the addiction ( i mean family)
  2. I guess I dont understand something. I know that i have only found a few caches so far (5 2 regular and 3 micros) but I have enjoyed them all. one of the micros took me looking for 2 days. I have enjoyed them all. any cache, if well hidden is a good cache. I am currently planning to hide a regular cache and a wickedly hidden micro. in honor of the last micro i found (inclination to the bridge to nowhere) I keep reading about people complaining about micros (nurse dave said Ya, those 15 film cans I've found under lightpoles have been extreamly exciting and I'm glad to have seen parts of parking lots I'd never go to without the thrill of a damp log micro) look if you dont like them dont look for them, if your going to look for them even if you dont like them then have the sense not to complain about it.
  3. My ex-wife was the one that showed me. she told me it wwas something she was doing with the kids, so now I do it to.
  4. I always thought the shoulder tech was when you sort of shouldered your way through brush, rivers, creeks, muggles, and walls.
  5. Rooster, I do want to go global, I will have to get more tbs first. I only ordered 2 and I thought I would never get around to actually sending them out. However I find this (like everything else in geocaching) to be very addicting.
  6. First TB is going to Ironman114 but there will be others. I will keep them small. One of the tbs I have planned is supposed to travel to all the continetal united states
  7. the Tb is small it is just the tag and a fifty cent peice. (1776-1976)
  8. Im going to have to pick up a few more tb's just to many people want to help me... man i love you guys, always nice to find so many helpfull people.
  9. I was going to post this in the tb forum but I think it will get more of view here. I just got my first two tb's in the mail and I have been trying to think of goals for them. This is my thought. I was hoping to find a cacher on the west caost somehwhere whom I could send the tb to and have them release it. and its goal would be to work its way back home. I was thinking of using a penn quarter since im from PA (Pittsburgh) it would be cool to see it move across the country. I would also like to release a bug here and have it work its way back to the cache that the first bug started in. Any Cachers in California or oregon or washington that would be willing to do that? Thanks in advance for all the help. JustTerry
  10. very informative. I noticed that you are using frontpage to design the page. and to me atleast front page has a tenancy to make things look a little generic. dont get me wrong, im not knocking it I think the links and information are top notch!! big A plus on that. all I am saying is that look of the site could be better. i have made several sites and have alot of experience with graphics and photoshop. If you would like I could help a little and make the site really pop! once again the site is very informative and I myself have already sent the link to several of the people I have exposed to geocaching. I think it is a great first primer on the sport/addiction
  11. I know Im new to this whole thing (having only found 2) but I have already decided several things. 1. I dont care what is in the cache only that i found the cache. 2. I will always trade something for something unless it is a "log Only Cache" 3. I am not going to recycle what I trade for, Actually i plan on keeping everything i trade for ('cept a TB) I am not keeping these things as a mark of value but as a reminder of the cache. So far I have a deck of cards and a little plastic horse. Personally I think people should care less about what they find and just be grateful there was a cache there for them to find. I mean really, if your in this for money and fame come on down to pittsburgh, I got some bridges to see you cheap. No checks just small un marked random numbered bill 10's and 20's if you please.
  12. Thank you all for the info and i am most likely to stencil the info on the spike. and since i am buying the dogtags from GC.COM I am helping to support them. I am just not using the dogtag part, just the number part. I know I am taking my chances that people might not understand that this spike is a TB but that is the chance that I choose to take if I do it this way. I may just stencil the TB logo on to of the spike to help give people an idea. it is more ofa mechanical problam rather than anything else. The steel used in these spikes is perhaps the hardest metal I have come in contact with. I can simply find no easy way of attaching the TB that will work, be secure, and not look like crap. however, by the time I get the TB that might change.
  13. I have been reading through these threads trying to find an answer to a question that I had. I have seen the question asked but it never seems to be answered. i was just wondering if this was some kind of taboo question. is this the elephant in the corner that no one wants to talk about? in this thread click here to read kf6jax said and The Piston Heds said Then in this thread Click to read here Peatry said I (teamh3) said In each case the question was either ignored or answered but not in the way the question was asked. so i am going to ask the question as clearly as i can. Would i be able to do the following 1. order, pay for and receive a Tb 2. Activate it and get it ready to release into the wild. 3. Stencil all needed information onto my bug (say the railroad spike) 4. Keep both copies of the tb safe and sound 5. release the spike of doom (with all the information on it) out into the wild 6. track the spike via the website since it has the info from the Tb on it. Yes Im sure I run the risk of someone picking up my bug and not knowing it is a bug, but that is my problem and not geocaching.com's problem. the question I have is something like the steps listed above proper to do? While I am sure I am going to get alot of opinions on this I was hoping someone from TPTB could kindly answer this question for me. This would allow people to make custom tags and custom coins like geocoins that could be tracked via the tb since it would in reality be a tb. Thank you for talking the time to read all of this and I hope that this question will be answered. I have looked to the best of my knowledge and I havent found anything to answer this question.
  14. teamh3

    Buying Tbs

    That is a good question, do you have to attach the TB to the item or can you keep the tb and just add the ID number to an item, This would work well for me since I just ordered two tbs and one is destined for "The Spike of DOOM" a rail road spike that I found, cleaned up and painted black with rustoleum. For the life of me I cant figure out how i am going to attach the tb to the spike. Zip Ties wont work since they would just slide off the pointed end of the spike. Any ideas.? P.S. I also tried to drill a hole in the spike but i guess my drill just wasnt up to it. (Now im off to home depot to buy another drill to replace it. may it rest in peace.)
  15. edited the log and removed the spoiler.
  16. Had my first find today (actually two of them) So I am a frustrated Cacher no more. I found Schenley1 today and i managed to find The Bridge and Groom. I can only say that I felt such a rush after finding my first caches. Actually I tried to find Bridge and Groom first and did indeed spend an hour looking for it. after I gave up I started on after the other one. owing to my sence of direction (as in I would have trouble finding the door in a closet) I ended up going the wrong way and had to bushwack my way up a ravine and down the side of another. However after i got my bearings finding the other was rather easy Other than the climb up the side of what seemed to be a mud mountian. On the way back I decided to try for the other one one last time and found it rather quickly, pretty much by moving a stone I had assured myself could not be the hiding place the last 10 times I look there for an hour. there it was. Got to love it. All in all hiked 4 miles, found 2 caches, the day was sunny and the breeze was cool. right now you couldnt dampen my spirits with a fire hose.
  17. teamh3

    About Dogs

    I think I liked the idea of the halt spray the best.. I have mace but I worry about using it. A person who is maced will usually be more than happy to have help afterwards (real mace, not that stuff they sell at the local mall) but dogs act on instinct and I feel it could almost be as damaging as shooting. Does anyone know where I could find something like that (I am guessing that the local pet store would be the wrong place to ask.) Edited for spelling
  18. teamh3

    About Dogs

    Bandit - Not all of us who carry guns wish to use them or think they should be used in any situation. The reason why I STARTED THIS THREAD in the first place was open up a forum on disscussion pertaining to other (non-lethal) methods. I am new to caching and actually pretty new to spending time in the woods, I am a born and raised city boy who carries because i work nights in a bad part of town. Even then i find that being alert and aware of my surroundings has kept me out of many many many more situations than my handgun has gotten me out of. But on the streets I am aware, I know the streets I know the body language of those around me, I know what is around the next corner, and where the blind spots are. In the woods I am new when it comes to Dogs I dont know the body language (unless you count the jumping and biting at my various appendages, that I understand) having been bitten while I was younger, I have no wish to endure that a second time. I am looking for either non lethal or non violent ways of keeping that from happening again. from my previous reply
  19. teamh3

    About Dogs

    if need be and I felt threatened enough I would have no problem putting the dog down in a permanent way (I am have a carry permit) but I just know that there must be much better ways of dealing witht he situation. I have gotten alot of good advice. I have no wish to permantly injure a DOg or God forbid, have to kill one. That really goes against everything i have in me.
  20. that is great to hear from all you musicians, I do most of the grunt work as well as alot of the the sound engineering. I cant plan an instrument or sing but I have the ear that the rest of the band depends on. I went caching with my pastor the day the GPS arrived. it wasnt much fun as i didnt really know how to use it yet and never found the cache. it is one I will be going back to once I get some more experince.
  21. The knife thing seem like it is touch and go in the threads and the guidlines also seem to frown on them. as to the DVD I have to say that while it is a good idea it is technically illegal to do that, Unlees it says on the DVD that you have the right to Copy the material (highly unlikely)
  22. I spent most of the day at my church today (I am a part time assistant) The bass player for our band was there and we were going to do some recording for our newest CD. he saw my GPS and the cache pages I was looking over and asked me what it was all about. well.... I took him outside and turned on the GPS so he could see how it worked and I explained Geocaching to him. before we even got back inside he said "If I get here early one day do you think we could take some time and try and find one?" "Yeah man the first hit is free" is all I could think of so just call me the pusher man.
  23. teamh3

    About Dogs

    On my last trip ot to try (and fail) to find some caches in a local park I was walking down a trail when I came upon a man walking his dog. the dog wasnt on a leash (i dont knwo what the rules in this park were) but when the dog saw me he sort of ambled over to me and just stood in front of me. Turns out this dog was just looking for a new friend to pet him (of which i was more than happy to do) but it got me thinking that what if this dog was les than friendly. So the question is how do you discourage a dog from trying to use you as a chew toy. First off I have no wish to hurt any animal as i am of a good enough size to do so. I love animals, Dogs most of all. Until I moved to a apartment i almost always had at least one dog. Usually kept on a leash. Please dont allow this thread to get nasty as I realize that it has the potential. I also feel it has the potential to lead to good conversation and a good exchange of information.
  24. Fly, usually my asthma isnt to bad but when it gets going I have had pretty bad attacks that seems small at the start. they just seem to get worse and worse until I felt like a 800 pound gorilla was sitting on my chest. I am always suprised and very happy how quickly a few puffs on the inhaler can stop one of these attacks before it gets that bad. I was thinking of items for common injuries, sprained ankles bad cuts from broken glass, deep splinters, insect bites, and the like. I know I cant prepare for everything unless I want to drag a fair sized trailer behind me. I was thinking this becasue as i read all the "what do you keep in your backpack" threads I took a list made up of everything that everyone listed and found that if I tried to carry everything I would be lugging a 250 pound backpack around. Not really my idea of a nice walk in the park. I have gotten several good ideas from this thread already, perhaps the best one is the liquid bandages. Having used them on several of my own cuts (boo boos) in areas of my body that band-aids just dont work well. (i.e. Fingers palm of my hand) I will be adding it to my kit.
  25. I think we are getting away from the subject that I started. I know I mentioned perscriptions drugs and i talked about carring an inhaler (I have asthma) but the question was what kind of specialty items do you carry in a first aid kit. I am new to this and would like to be as equiped as possible.
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