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  1. Exactly, I was just after the basic info , and again thanks to those who helped.
  2. I have got to the bottom of this now I think, we went out the other day and found 2 and a coin, all bound for their first trip to Australia.
  3. Thank you very much, I went back to the log a cache page and saw what I had done wrong. This is all very addictive, fun and easy exercise. Russell
  4. I have logged finding a trackable item, since then it shows "it was last seen in my hands",but I am having trouble registering the TB new home. I have just put a question on the TB forum page, but any help is appreciated. Russell
  5. We are relatively new to all this. On the weekend we picked up our first TB, and sent it to a new home, registering that we picked it up, but I am having trouble finding where to register its new home. Last night it was still where we put it, but he cache does not show a trackable item. I do not want to do the wrong thing so am seeking some help, any assistance appreciated. Thank you, Russell
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