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  1. It appears as ORUS is the reviewer in Panama.
  2. I HATE THIS NEW SEARCH OPTION!! There I got that off my chest. I don't understnad why GS feels the need to "freshen" things up every few months...is it to keep us interested in geocaching? I think not, because only about 2-3 changes ever make the community happy. I wish GS would leave things that work alone and actually fix things that need it. So irritating to get on the site to find something that worked perfectly, changed to something that is a pile of crap. So dumb.
  3. C'mon...whip something together and send that bad boy out to everyone that logs an attend on an event or logs an earthcache for that day!!
  4. LOL I tried the suggestion above but nothing worked. I suggested that she contact GS and tell them the problem. I'm usually pretty good using the above suggestions and playing around w the codes to getting them working but that one stumped even ME!!! Thanks for the suggestions!!
  5. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.geocaching.com%2Fdefault%2Ftrackable-items%2Fgeocoins%2Fzombie-geocoin-travel-tags-set.html&h=lAQGTJrTW I have a friend that purchased this set of trackables via GC.com, but when she went to activate it it says the trackable doesn't exist. Any idea why this is happening or how to activate the coin??
  6. I sent 2 of my trackable to a fellow cacher in Antarctica, 1 to leave there and 1 to send back. I'm about to send the 1 that returned to Brazil and hoepfully to the APE cache then home!!
  7. Also, another bug with the friend list. I have quite a few friends but not all of them show up on my list, why is that?? Is there a suggestion program for GS?? If so, I'd like to suggest that the friend list look exactly like the friend request listing...name only w a hyperlink to click to see thier profile, that would cut down on the size of the profiles list on one's friends list and allow for multiple pages of friends with a drop down that you can select how many friends you wnat to see per page. Maybe 50 friends listed per page or even have 3 columns of 50 ea depending on the number of friends. The current way of viewing friends is repetative.
  8. Well he must have a magic wand to add himself to whomever's profile he wants to, cuz I sure didn't add that drunk looking dude to my friend listing. LOL
  9. Having a problem w 2 things... 1. I just added a new friend to my list but can't see their profile. 2. Does anyone else have this profile on thier friend list?? http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=0b69e812-c255-498c-a09f-f7c8a5baabc9 I have no idea who or how this person's profile got added to my list, I did not send them a request. It just showed up one day and I've contacted GS about it on 2 different occasions. I've been told it's a bug in the system, but GS has yet to fix it. Can't delete it either.
  10. BTW the person sending out those emails has a sock account that I reported and is claiming that giving out puzzle finals is "intellectual property infringement". LOL
  11. I know, just from my point of view, that the point to geocaching is to actually be able to find caches. There are a few puzzle wizards in my area that are good at solving some of the impossible puzzles that a certain couple of cacher, whom shall go nameless, think are the greatest puzzle developers on the planet. I think they actually get real enjoyment out of stumping local cachers with, IMO, ridiculously hard puzzles. Puzzles weren't made to for other cachers to need 37,000,000 transpositional ciphers, and base 395 code breakers to or wahtever they are to have to solve. Personally, I stay away from these types of caches, because I'm not going to spend literally weeks working on one stupid puzzle. I have better caches to look for than waste time on these types of caches. I have had a couple of puzzle caches myself and will provide guidance or even the final coords if someone were to ask me. I mostly do Challenge caches now as I think those add more fun to caching for me personally and TBH, some of them are pretty hard, but not ridiculously impossible.
  12. I'd like to adopt a Virtual cache if anyone has/knows of any available.
  13. So these are for sale correct??
  14. I was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan. One day 2 of the guys I worked with and I were walking around the base and one of the guys kept pulling something out of his pocket, looking at it, then shoved it back into his pocket. He did this several times and finally I asked him what he was doing? He stated that he was geocaching. I asked what the heck that was. He proceeded to explain the game and how the GPSr unit he had been using worked. I thought it sounded pretty cool, plus there wasn't a whole lot to do at Bagram anyway. So, he guided us to a regular (lock-n-lock) sized cache, where we found the log and some swag and a cool geocoin. After that, I was hooked! We spent several days during our deployment looking for other geocaches on base. Had to spread them out so we didn't cacheout the whole base in a few days!! He subsequently quit caching not long after we returned to the US. But I'm still going!!
  15. I have one! LOVE it! Also, being n the military, I travel quite a bit and place it on my rental cars wherever I go for discovery/dipping!!
  16. jsweeney1 - how soon do you need these TB's??? I'm going to lolligag around but just need a estimated time/date when you need them.
  17. BTW...IF anyone knows of anyone that has trackables they might want to get rid of or isn't really into Geocaching anymore, I will be more than happy to add them to my collection. Also, I will keep the original name of the trackables the same.
  18. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a984d8e3-a538-44b3-b938-656711d4753f This is prolly one of the best one's I have ... nothing too fancy. :| http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=5834b80e-3889-4eac-bd8a-e346cc03b555 I did this one for my wife...
  19. I have this list of FTF's currently... •Nevada - GC2ATB4 Nevada Water Torture (9 Miles from home) •California - GC2Y46A Nooks and Crannies (26.1 Miles from home) •Louisiana - GC38HEA Champions Square! (1798.8 Miles from home) •Texas - GC31GXX The Faith cache (1394.8 Miles from home) •Arizona - GC3QK9M George the 1st (616.5 Miles from home) •Idaho - GC3T1Z4 Brass Table (319.8 Miles from home) •Iowa - GC3W3H4 Fore Play (1354.5 Miles from home) •Washington - GC3YF3X Tillamook 3 (STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE) (456.9 Miles from home) •Oregon - GC3YQ0P Cache on a Stick (Motherlode #1) (442.7 Miles from home) (All distances are from the cache pages.) LOL soon to be MA, CT, RI, NY, NH or VT!!!
  20. My personal policy on logging a DNF? I have to have visited the spot at least 2 times. I do a lot of night caching so once at night then definately once in the daylight in case I just missed it due to darkness. Also, my idea of a good, thorough search is at least 15 min at GZ but not more than 45 min searching in a 25ft radius of GZ, just due to many GPSr units being differnt. If after those 2 times and the area serached I don't find it ... DNF!! On the flip side of that ... my other personal DNF policy for my caches is ... I will not go to check on the cache unless I get 2 DNF's in a row. Simply from my experience, most of the cachers that are looing for them are fairly new cachers with very little finds. I've gone out too many times after 1 DNF and BAM there's the cache, right where it's supposed to be ...
  21. I'd go with what everyone has said, post a note w your email, try contacting past loggers, etc... They are obviuously active as they have logged into their profile just today! Keep up the good work!
  22. Reno, NV USA I'm in the military and do a lot of traveling, so I'd be happy to release a TB!
  23. AHHH...BUT wouldn't it have been soo much easier than copy n pasting 99 cache pages if there was an option to 'copy current page' then select the number of additional pages you wanted, in your case 99 then hit enter and POOF!! You have 100 cache pages that look identical to the first one?? Just me thinking out loud!
  24. So myself and 2 others cachers were discussing this as a possible suggestion to GS. As a team, we recently created a series of caches that number 63 total. Rather than create 63 individual cache pages it would be GREAT if one could create 1 single cache page and have the option/ability to create a copy the page 62 more times. Maybe have a box to select "Copy current cache page" and then enter the number of copies of that page in another box? This would greatly help with powertrails and caches series... Granted...you'd still have to change up the coords, but that is minor tweeking compared to all the things that need to publish a series or powertrail... Thoughts???
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