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  1. Just a quick question here -- we picked up SpiderWebb's Racer-bug in TN a few weeks ago, took him to Wisconsin and photographed him at Lambeau Field, then left him at a cache in Indiana. Those all show up on the bug's log-page. However, when we checked on the racer-bug stats, updated November 7th, it says that SpiderWebb's Racer is in Savannah Georgia and only has the Atlanta stadium to his credit ??!!?? javascript:emoticon('') Was there something wrong with the picture, or the way we logged it??? Fun sport -- we would like to get into the next sports-race! (Hey, how about a NASCAR-track-theme race??) Thanks for your time...
  2. Geo-coins ONLY or regular foreign coins?? We have quite a few various coins from Europe ...
  3. They aren't I say take any that you can help. What if the TB HAS no goal? Or if I had not noticed the "Recently Seen TBs" listing before I found the cache and therefore did not know what/where the TB was seeking? Just curious -- getting ready to launch our first TBs... Team Bear-Cat
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