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  1. Who's this Chuck guy that's going around digging holes in the road? If I see him can I run him down and stuff him in one of his holes? Then we call the guy Fill. FYI rough roads aren't as rough if drive them fast enough.
  2. I may just have to join you on this. I've been looking for a Sunday hike so this just might fit the bill and there's even two of the caches on your list that I haven't done yet.
  3. I think I've said this for other challenges but it's going to be your challenge so set it up the way you want and if people don't like it then TS they don't have to do it.
  4. You nailed it on the head, no gmaptz.img, hmmmm. Any idea where I can get the file. If I set the GPS to Pacific Time why does it keep going back to Auto? WebUpdater saw that the file was missing and reinstalled it on the 4th try, apparently I needed to close the E: folder before it would add the file to the \Garmin folder. Thanks for the help it is much appreciated.
  5. You nailed it on the head, no gmaptz.img, hmmmm. Any idea where I can get the file. If I set the GPS to Pacific Time why does it keep going back to Auto?
  6. So I'm doing a nice little hike this weekend when I look at the trip computer and it tells me that I should arrive at my destination at ~6PM, now I know I'm not the fastest hiker in the world but 9 hours to hike 3 miles. Turns out the clock had reverted back to Auto which apparently is GMT, I reset it back to Pacific Time and it worked great until I shut the unit off and restarted it where it then went back to AUTO. Am I the only one this is happening to and is there a setting to keep it where I want it or do I need to reset the thing to the correct time zone every time I use it. You would think this silly thing would know what time zone I'm in after all it knows within a few feet where I am on this planet.
  7. I got the answer from Garmin this morning and the answer to my question is no, there is no setting to keep the 62s from shutting down when disconnecting it from the computer when it's in mass storage mode.
  8. Is there a way to set the 62s to NOT shut down when disconnecting the USB cable? There was a way to do this with my 60CSx but can't seem to find the setting on the 62s. Thanks
  9. Well Dang, I'm on vacation this week but I'm in Baltimore/DC doing the tourist thing. Will be back on Thursday though.
  10. Okay, Turns out I had my camera set to super duper mega high resolution and each picture was between 4 & 5 mb's is size. Using MS picture managerI resized them for web pages down to about 50 kb's to 75 kb's and they are uploading to the site just fine now.
  11. I have not been able to upload any BM pictures for the last two days, the message just says an error has occured. I too have been on the road but not sure that really has anything to do with it as both hotels have had pretty fast connections.
  12. If it were me and I had to make a choice I'd skip the Lily pad and go for the Ape Cache.
  13. I will verify that Fe can certainly talk while he's hiking.
  14. Kevin, I have a little hike planned at MRNP Sept. 4th if you're interested drop me an e-mail and I'll send you the details
  15. Congratulations to Prying Pandora for FINDING a new job.
  16. Even if I had a license I wouldn't tell you my call sign because then you might try to CALL me.
  17. LandRover


    Look at poor me, in addition to the rumors, I'm also being persecuted by TPTB@GC Why don't you just start converting your caches to: AtlasQuest.com, Letterboxing.org, Terracaching.com, Navicache.com or GPS Games.org, oh wait you are! Don't go away mad, just go away.
  18. Did you get it? Nope. I spent an hour looking using some terrible directions but no luck. It wasn't hidden by any geocacher since the place they hid it was a high traffic area. I suspect it was discovered and removed. EDIT to add: someone got up there just before me and found it. It was a GREAT hike nonetheless. Three hours up and two down. Ran out of water at the summit. The last time I was here we never made it to the summit proper, this time I hiked the whole ridge. Flowers blooming everywhere and breathtaking views. Now I have sunburn on my sunburn... I was able to make a couple contacts on the radio, but the big ridge to the south blocked my line of sight to Elma, so I wasn't able to raise Kevin. I was only able to hit the repeater on Capitol Peak from one spot on the summit, but anything east was easy. Looks like you missed it by a day
  19. You know S,S&V are having an event at the Ape Cave on August 1st, in case you want to reschedule around that time to possible get a bit more participation, or not, I'm just saying..........
  20. LandRover


    What to say, I last talked with Brian at GWVIII and now I wish I had spent a bit more time visiting with him one last time. So many memories and emotions running going through me and so few words coming out to express them. I feel honored to be able to call Brian a friend. Remember buddy, there will always be a spot in the Land Rover for you.
  21. Don't say nuthin bad 'bout them beans! I had 4 helpings of them and my wife survived the night! Thems miracle beans! Miracle beans indeed, I only had 2 helpings and my legs were cramp free all night.
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