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  1. Ah but then again, in this present case, all this idle specualtion on my new puzzle cache has actually become a positive - generating far more interest in the cache than I might have ever otherwise expected or hoped!  :cry:


    Sooo this controversy has all been a big ruse just to drum up more interest in your cache. B) Boy what some people will do to give their cache a quick boost. :cry:

  2. Here are two coupon codes for Office Max.

    $30 off on an online purchase of $150 or more Code GAB483SSC3WSKX2NC

    $25 off on a phone order of $100 or more. Code 122574451313


    I did a quick look at officemax.com and didn't see any GPSr's but if you can find them use the cupons.

  3. I don't know which is more accurate but try this. Lay your etrex flat on your dash board and drive down the freeway then have your navigator lean it up against the windshield so it is as close to vertical as you can get it and watch your track shift to one side or the other.

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