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  1. nocharge.com, but I'm not sure if they have local numbers in Wenatchee.
  2. Yipee, I have been looking forward to doing this since I first heard rumors about it a few months ago. Last years ride was before my introduction to Geocaching.
  3. I'm so confused. Is it tonight or the 11th?
  4. Still has both unlocks. The software has never even been opened.
  5. Yes, I am looking for the latest version of TOPO USA and as I stated above I would like original disks not copies. Looking at Garmin's web site I am not sure that there has been more than one release of TOPO USA. When I originally posted, "fresh" was intended to mean still had it's device licenses so that I could download the maps onto my GPS'r. I have since discovered that TOPO USA does not require device licenses/unlock codes and can be downloaded to as many GPSr's (devices) as you want.
  6. Just to clarify I have an unopened v5 of Mapsource City Select and a v6 upgrade disk and am looking to trade original disks for original disks, not copies.
  7. On the 60CS the tide tables are already in the unit straight from the factory. If you download maps from mapsource the tide stations get purged. To find out how to get the tide stations back This worked for me.
  8. I have room for two extra people in the Land Rover for anyone that needs/wants a ride on Saturday.
  9. Count me in if in fact this is done on a Friday or Saturday night. Will bring my WSP background report.
  10. I have an unopened copy of Garmin's Mapsource 5.0, 6.0 upgrade CD on it's way. I would like to trade this for fresh copy of Garmin's TOPO USA. This was received with a Auto Nav kit and I already have Mapsource 6.0 so I don't need the software that came with the kit but would like a copy of TOPO.
  11. When I first got my 60CS there was a feture that allowed me to look up tide tables from the marine database POI's. Once I downloaded mapsource this feature went away. This seems dumb to me but that's just me. Does anyone know if/where the marine database POI's can be found on the Garmin site so that I can reinstall it? I would assume that if this is possibel I will probably loose all the mapsource features but at least then I would have the option of using one or the other depending on what I needed.
  12. 50's ????????? Waaay before my time
  13. I said it already but I'll say it again 2 adults & a tent trailer.
  14. We took the Princess Marguerite to Victiory for our 6th grade class trip back in 1975. The ship went up and back on the same day but don't remember stopping in Vancouver but who knows maybe we did and was just too uninterested to know it. I do remember that the Princess Marguerite did have state rooms, maybe people rode down from Victoria and spent the night in Seattle??. FYI: I also remember that on the way up we spent most of the trip playing this brand new video game called PONG.
  15. Sign me up. Will be bringing myself & Bug-A-Boo. Will need space for the tent trailer.
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