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  1. Ahem, let me quote from the cache page: The Boulder River Trail is family friendly, including your four-legged family members. The hike is 4.5 miles to the river and lunch so the kids should not have too much difficulty getting there. On the way back just keep walking, they'll keep up. That applies to dads as well. He can always just wait for you at the first cache and read a book until you come back. Naw, I'm pretty sure I can convince him to go You could always through yourself down on the floor, and scream "I wanna go, I wanna go" over and over again while pounding your head and feet and fists on the floor.
  2. Now behave yourself, LR. You need those tires for June 4. I found Sugarloaf, my 2nd watchtower cache at an elevation of over 5800', this week end while in Leavenworth and not a single flat tire on the Land Rover did get a little muddy though. Of course I did take it a little easier as I was all by myself.
  3. I will be coming up from Federal Way and am willing to stop along the way to pick up anyone that wants a ride, I have 3 xtra seats. I will be comming up I-5 so if you're on the route and want a ride let me know. If your'e comming from farther south and want to stop in FW not a problem either. No puddles at 30MPH I promise, 25 maybe but not 30.
  4. Kevgraub, Are you going to own the die, or will it be made public. For example, I order 250 chips from you, then I give them all out, could I go directly to the manufacturer to get more, could I have another die made for the other side so that I have the Geocaching logo on one side and my own signature logo on the other side instead of putting on stickers? I'm not trying to step on any toes here just looking at more possibilites for this cool idea of yours.
  5. Okay, I will be in for 250. I'm not too concerned with color or the style. Let me know if this takes off.
  6. I think I could spring for about 250 of them depending on what they look like. It has already been asked but I'll ask again anyway, do you have a link to some examples?
  7. I may be in for 1/2 a room, I have to check with mommy first.
  8. Touché... But hey, I'm not forcing you to go to Leavenworth today... Have fun tonight. Hopefully I will be getting some nice caches too. I'll try to avoid any flat tires up in the hills, especially without a pit crew.
  9. Fine...just leave me out in the cold...all by my lonesome...
  10. You may have been left out in the cold but you're not alone
  11. I'm out for this weekend. Leaving for Levenworth Friday morning.
  12. Sunday might work for me depending on the time. Instead of trying on the way to Leavenworth I could stop on the way home.
  13. I will be heading over to Levenworth on Friday. I may have to bite the bullet and go over Stevens instead of Blewett just to get this one before it goes down.
  14. Any other south-enders going???
  15. Don't blame me, I'm just a follower this time. Mommy says I can drive again if I can get three pasangers to chip in for gas. Be warned that if you ride in the Land Rover you must be willing to be be part of the pit crew. Back under I go.
  16. Frito pies are not to be explained (under penalty of the Nolenator) they are to be experienced.
  17. I'm in so long as the timing is right. For me this weekend is right out as I will be out of town. Memorial Day Weekend I will be doing the Boulder River on Saturday the 28th (I think that is when it hike is scheduled for) but there is still Sunday & Monday. June 4th Mountain Marsh II June 5th ?? June 11th Expedition to the Elusive Island in Lake Ballinger June 12th?? June 18th BCM II June 19th Sleeping
  18. We've taken tha grand daughters a couple of times, 5 years & 6 months. Although I rarely do any trading I make sure that I have plenty of swag when they go with. The 5 year old usually wants to leave the stuff in the cache alone and take something out of my bag-o-swag.
  19. Have GPSr will travel.
  20. Thanks Cent5 I had a great time and really appriciate the you putting this trip together. Congrats on #50 at Crowbar.
  21. Just turn into a TB then it won't be food it will be a TB
  22. Guess what! LandRover has another brainyach idea. Depending on Cent5's thoughts, we might want to pull up and do Galloping Gertie for those who have not done it. This would be way easier than the way we did it during the GHCM. Of course this is only an idea and I will only take credit for it if it works out well and not like another brainyach idea I had a while back. Back under my rock I go.
  23. Hey, I could use a sandwich under my rock but I aint sharin with Kiersolvd.
  24. It's a big rock and if we squeeze together real tight there might even be enough room for you smart a**. Back under I go
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