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  1. Take a look at Forest Park, it appears to be riddles with trails and caches.
  2. Since I'm missing out on the group adventure but will still be down there next week woud you mind sharing the coordinates of the other caves? If you don't want to post the coordinates to the thread you can e-mail me through my profile. I'll share if you promise to stir up lots of controversy by placing caches in/near these caves. Will a multi with nano waypoints inside each of the lava tubes that lead to an ammo can filled with what's left of my DB Copper's Hijack money? I've been waiting for the heat over that whole jumping out of the plane thing to simmer down, but every time I'm just about ready to start spending the money, some one finds a scap of something somewhere in SW washington claiming it to be part of my gear and up goes the heat again. So I've finally decided I might as well just figure out a way to get rid of all the money and be done with it.
  3. Since I'm missing out on the group adventure but will still be down there next week woud you mind sharing the coordinates of the other caves? If you don't want to post the coordinates to the thread you can e-mail me through my profile.
  4. Oops, I forgot I'm out of town on the 20th. Gotta be the 27th or no go for me. Well, I've been out-voted by a majority of one - my wife can go on the 27th, so that's the date - sorry LandRover. I'm a little groggy - I've had less then 8 hours of sleep since Friday - so details will have to wait until I'm really awake. But it takes about 3 hours to drive to the parking spot, it's two miles to the cave and about 1/2 mile thru it, so we'll work out the rest in the next few days. 'Till later ... Good Night! No problem, I'm still going next week and will just use the coordinates from you're disabled caches to find Ole's Cave and go through it even if there is no cache to find. The mark of a good cache is a cache that brings you to a place that you would want to go to even if there was no cache there and this is exactly that. Believe it or not the reason I bought my first GPS was to map out some of the caves in the area, and when we spent that vacation all hunkered down in the trail because it poured that entire week my plans of finding any caves went down the drain with all the rain. Well now I had this GPS that I had no idea what to do with so I got on that Internet thingy and discovered Geocaching.
  5. The 20th is better for me since I will be down there anyway.
  6. Use the "Get Mail" function already built into GSAK. It will pull your PQ's from the mail server and save them into any folder on your computer you want. With this function you have the option of overwriting a PQ of the same name, say last week's PQ, or have GSAK ammend the name by adding a number to it. The one possible problem with this function is that the original e-mail needs to be on the e-mail server. If the e-mail w/ the PQ has already been downloaded off of the serever the "Get Mail" function won't work.
  7. I will be down there the 19th - 24th. Not sure exactly where but somewhere between Cougar and Govt. Mineral Spings Guard Station.
  8. LandRover's 4th Annual Mt. Rainier Virtual Cache Tour will be targeting Wonderland Series: Summerland (near Sumrise on the SE Side of the Mountain) Saturday the 30th. The hike is an 8-9 mile out and back, with about 2100’ of elevation gain.
  9. You could still make LR4AMRVCT, it isn't until Aug. 30th. I can't do the HOTM on the 16th as we are starting our vacation on the 15th and heading to the SW part of the State.
  10. Glad to see you had company. Sorry I couldn't make it. Sorry I didn't see you, LandRover, or Hydnsek there. I do understand you guys had a big hike the day before so it all endsell. If you get a chance to make it that way great. If you want to wait when SquareBear is back in town, I'll go again. Might even go for an overnight there's a sweet campsite there. The wife wanted to got to Cache-cadia this last week-end so I figured while in Cache-cadia, do as the Cache-Cadians. If you make this a overnighter let me know and I will do everythig I can to make it, I'll even bring the ear-plugs for everyone. My last attempt at an overnighter ended up with a broken out window and a drive back home before I even got to the trail head. The view west from Wedge Mountain
  11. I tried to use my reward points and the site says "This rate program cannot be made more than 30 days in advance. However, the rooms listed below are currently available at the Standard Rate." Any special tricks to reserve a room now?
  12. Grabbed. NICE paddle cache! Congrats on the FTF! Sounds like a great one. I tried to convince MarcusArelius to go get it (and the other new one) on Sunday, but he said he's "bored with paddle caching." But it's so fun and relaxing, and TeamIDFC is sure finding some good areas (and haven't even gotten to Prying Pandora and LandRover's contributions yet)! Guess I better build the upper body and learn to load the yak on top of my car. I was definitely spoiled, having a pickup truck available. If you want a pickup and someone to go with you, I'm willing, as I'd like to do some as well, but don't have access to any sort of boat. The truck's a long bed, too. Thanks for the offer, but you'd need a paddle craft. My kayak only holds one, and that tends to be me. How about water wings and a tow rope??
  13. Is that Friday August 8th or some other August 8th?
  14. I'll be coming over Saturday morining bright and early. I need to drop my wife off in E. Wenatchee before meeting up at the PnR. Speaking of the Easy Street PnR, okay maybe I wasn't speaking of Easy Street but I do need to know where the PnR is.
  15. My guess is that some are set to medium security and some on high. Zonealarm has a new version out for download that fixes the problem. By the way Microsoft is forcing xp SP3 through automatic updates right about now today, so you may see that too. Hopefully this is a new SP3 the SP3 that came out a couple of months ago totally hosed one of our machines.
  16. My semi-geo-ignorant spouse called this morning and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Wenatchee the weekend of the 19th. I guess I just might be able to make this one. Unless the semi-geo-ignorant spouse wants to drive the convertible over I should have the Land Rover so I will have room for passengers if needed to carpool from Wenatchee to the Trail head.
  17. Loch Katrine Monster has been my favorite so far. In additon to a paddle cache it also required a nice little hike.
  18. Maybe Two JJ? I think they have a Scion and are based out of the North Bend area. Of course I don't know if the "west exit from I90" is anywhere near North Bend.
  19. Well good for the State, let's hope the Counties and Cities follow the State's lead. If we can't keep ourselves from placing crappy caches I guess the government will have to step in at at least stop us from placing one type of bad caches. Now if the State would only take jurisdiction of Lamp Posts.
  20. Lots of fun, even if I was nursing a split sidewall, the cause of two flats, for 18 miles. The weather was great, not to hot and definitely not to cold or wet unlike the last time I rode the down to Rattlesnake.
  21. Change of plans once again. I had to cut my camping trip short in fact I didn't get to camp at all. On the way to Lost Lake I stopped to get a BM and locked my keys in the Land Rover, along with my cell phone. I ended up breaking out a window so I could get back in and I wasn't going to leave my car at the Mirror Lake trail head overnight without a rear passenger window. So anyway I will be meeting everyone at Rattlesnake Lake. I will be driving the VW.
  22. I've got Maonday & Tuesday off so at this point my plan is to meet you at Hyak. I'm heading up to the pass on Sunday to do a bit of camping at Mirror Lake so I would rather not have to drive down to Rattlesnake Lake just to turn around and drive back up to the pass but I will need a ride for me and my bike back up to Hyak after the ride.
  23. Just booby-trap all your caches, you may not get the right person but the word will get at that you don't want to mess with The Jester. And by the way, I am in no way liable for the actions of others.
  24. I have a problem I haven't seen mentioned yet. If I start up my 300 with the SD card in it it fades out and shuts down after it asks me if I want to go into mass storage mode or not (not sure if that's the proper verbiage but I think you know what I'm talking about). It doesn't matter whether I select yes or no. If I remove the SD card all is well and I haven't tried a different card yet. This started about a week ago, I reformatted the SD card and all was back to normal for a couple of days then it started again yesterday. Any ideas?
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