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  1. I discovered one of my TB's had been photographed and printed in a walking magazine with its number showing. Words were had.
  2. Maybe. I'm not a premium member, so have never been to find that cache. They weren't switched around though, my logbook and cache contents, just in a different container and hidden in a slightly different place.
  3. A quick google would suggest Martybartfast (love the h2g2 reference by the way) is correct. Super small caches. Not ny style at all.
  4. One of my caches SURPRISE! (GC30YBT) started getting DNF logs. After some investigating and some very helpful cachers I found a different ammo box hidden near the correct location for my cache that contained my caches logbook. Someone had swapped a large repainted ammo box for a smaller one, and hidden it down a different hole that required a retrival tool. The rehiding in the wrong place I can understand, but why would someone change the ammo box for a smaller one? If they wanted to steal it they're the most considerate non-theives ever, and if it was the maintainence fairy how did I earn such favour. Thoughts? Old: Uploaded with ImageShack.us New : URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/850/imag0357ol.jpg/][/url] Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. What's happening with the race? Website is saying "not published".
  6. ProTip: Don't get your TB photographed by a journalist.
  7. Hey, I had a play with QR codes and generators awhile back. I also made some prototype ones using HAMA beads (heat melt plastic beads, arranged using a peg board, a kids toy in the UK) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Found encoding anything large in them to be cumbersome, but maybe worth thinking about as the end results are tough, waterproof and if you epoxied a dog tag to the back would probably serve quite well. - Alex
  8. Sent one to you through geocaching before I posted this. Cheers for organising it though. - Alex
  9. Hi, Just curious if anyone was entering. 2012 TB race Just finished my TB, and fancied abit of show and tell. Cheers Alex My bug:
  10. Thanks, yeah I thought it would probably become someones coaster before too long, still had to make it though It'll be released into the world soonish, TB407V8
  11. Just finished this Travel Bug and Hitchhiker, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/571/crocbug.jpg/ Thoughts?
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