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  1. A Big congratulations to fishiam on his 400th cache and what a special one it was.. Whoo ha
  2. Congratulations to markta on his 400th cache and his one year anniversary on a Alaska cruise today.
  3. Congratulations to OldBaldEagle On his 600th cache find today, and way to go AD on 400. Whoo ha
  4. A big congrats to FunnyNose on 500 in 6 months, 12/04/04 to 6/04/05
  5. Cngrats to grossi on 500, Whoo Ha.... And jester, 1000 at such a historic cache... Way to go.
  6. Just a thought but you might want to take I90 one way and I94 the other then you could get caches in north Dakota as well as South Dakota, I recommend GCGG6C and GCM8XT in ND,
  7. Hay jester.. You might want to contact fauxsteve he just logged mingo on May 6.. Looks like he is on a road trip also.. Anyway have a great trip..
  8. Congrats to fishiam on 300 caches today and his one year anniversary tomorrow
  9. A big Congratulations to oldbaldeagle on 400 caches, in his first five months… Woha Ha
  10. Congrats to analogdog on 200. and another thanks for hosting a great CITO event
  11. Congratulations to Glitche Ente on 500 today at CARKEEK CACHE
  12. Congrats to the Mercury Project, I just missed one of your Dimes...Great Job
  13. A Big congrats to Old Bald Eagle on 300 Whoo HA...
  14. Thanks, and what ride fir OldBaldEagle Whoo Ha!!
  15. A big congrats. to grossi on 300 in less than one year caching !!! Whoo Ha
  16. Congrats to Old Bald Eagle on 100 caches
  17. Congrats to FauxSteve on 300...Cache on TwoCyclists 100 so fast..Whoo ha!!
  18. Congrats to phil and cathy... cache on
  19. A big congrats to fishiam on 100.. Whoo ha..
  20. congrats to SCOTUS on 100!!! WHOO HA
  21. I grew up in Reno Nevada, My dad and uncle were real cowboys leaving home as teens and working ranches all over the west...So its in my blood, the name is for my home state and to honor my dad and uncle.
  22. A big congrats to grossi on 200 what a great year!!! and markta 100, keep the Queen Anne caches coming....
  23. Thank's for the acolades.... and Whoo Ha to Moun10Bike,Robinego,Ray&Rose and Shop99er
  24. I enjoy benchmarking in Utah, so I thought I would check out this forum. However, I just can't follow the flow of the discussion.
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