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  1. Two Please Thanks Will wate for e-mail
  2. Whoa Ha sent Paypal for Three... Thanks
  3. I would like to be on the list for TWO thanks
  4. If your keeping a list I would like TWO
  5. Way to go OBE, I was in Montana when you hit the BIG 800
  6. VERY NICE COIN..M10B, hope to get one someday...
  7. Thats odd, I have been on that trail many times
  8. I sent my e-mail Thanks Looking forward to the finished coins
  9. Thanks T1 I woke iup to the good news
  10. I think I'll check back in the morning
  11. Hummm... 51 names for the Stone Mt. coin so far.. 419/51= 8.2 coins each on average...I hope that the two coin orders get some attention!!
  12. Congratulations to all of the milestone hunters, today. FauxSteve 500, markta 500, fishiam 500, BHMP 300, Funny nose 1000 WOW
  13. This old cowboy will take TWO... Thank you
  14. This old cowboy would like TWO, so put me on the list please
  15. Got mine a few days back, GREAT COINS, Thanks for all the hard work
  16. A BIG congrats. to grossi on 700, Looks like a big day in W Seattle
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