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  1. I got a pair of boots from Mountain Warehouse. I've had them 3 years, although I havn't used them all those years, I have done about hundred miles in them, maybe more. Nothing wrong with them, very comfy and very sturdy. I think I paid £45 for them.
  2. I just had a look at the caches you tried to find I think. Rocky is a fake cache has been archived so is no longer there, I would suggest if it's easy to get to again, is to go for do not make an exhibition, as that has a 1.5 out of 5 difficulty and it's a small cache not a micro. Look for anything that may be out of place, or something like sticks or logs that could be covering something.
  3. I'm sure more experienced people will be along soon, but when I found my first, it was a large one which made it easier but I was still looking for it for about 20 mins lol. I would suggest reading the clues on the cache page, and go for some larger ones to start with, micros are very hard to find as a beginner. They are normally a 35mm film case. Don't rely on your GPS too much as there is between 10-20 yard accuracy level. So if yours GPS and the other person who placed the cache are both 20 yards out, it could mean 40 yards away, that becomes more once you get under alot of trees. Hang on in there, you will get your first find, and when you do I'm sure you will be very satisfied. The first one is normally the hardest one to find, as you don't actually know what your looking for. You could also go to meets and meet fellow cachers and go and find some with them. Good luck and I hope you find your first soon
  4. Took about 30 seconds to solve that one! Here's our contribution to blank-cache-page-puzzles ! Mark And as the last finder to log ! I can testify what an enjoyable experience it can be to investigate a blank page. Unsure why more folk don't seek puzzles including the more obscure ones. I don't do puzzles because I can't work them out. I've been stuck on one near me for nearly a month lol.
  5. Congrats and enjoy! Why not try TalkyToaster ones, see how you get on. You could always buy some if you don't think they are up to it. When will you be using it, tonight? haha
  6. Use AA route master . I'm not sure other than that.
  7. You can't beat Monty Python. I'm not old but just heard that sketch lmao.
  8. Walk 50 miles? Luxury! We used to dream about only having to walk 50 miles. When I were lad, our dad would make us get up a 2am, a lump of coal for breakfast, and then we'd have to run 100 miles to t'cache which was often as not in the middle of a lake, and hob nailed boots? Yer don't know tha's born. Wooden clogs was what we wore, and lucky if we had a whole pair between the three of us. Clogs you were lucky, we only had socks, we had to sprint 150 miles to get a cache. We would walk 25 hours a day to just get 2 caches. We didn't have breakfast, couldn't even afford coal. We didn't even have a pen, so we found a thorn nearby and signed it in blood. Now that is how hard it was for us!
  9. My brother got this call at the weekend, definately from India or Pakistan, they asked do you run windows as there is a malicious file on your computer, I said most people use Windows. I asked how did you get this number and please remove me from your list. She transfered me to another person, in which I then asked, if you know there is a file, what is the serial number of the computer. They hung up haha! Lucky I was there, as who knows what might have happened.
  10. Yes if you get a routing map the gps will map the course using roads, and if you set it to pedestrian, paths as well. You can also have it so it routes as te crow flies, I use this function when there are no footpaths on the map and I want a rough estimation on how far away the point is, otherwise it routes using the closest road. EDIT: I personally use the free Open Street Maps supplied by talkytoaster. They are constantly being updated, by user added information, what you have to bear in mind is that no map is totally accurate, even the O'S maps, paper or GPSr ones. And for the price of the OS maps I didn't think it was worth it. Saying that it all depends on what device you want, they are all very similar in quality and functions, just different ways of using them. Garmin were the first GPS devices to include paperless caching, an the Oregon series is named after the place in America where the first geocache was placed.
  11. Me neither! lol! Not surprising though, really. I've never been to an event and only ran into another cacher by chance at a FTF. Does "friending" anyone, actually give any enhanced functionality? I only have 2 friends on mine, and again I havnt been to any events, however I would like to go to a few.
  12. I did say on the posts I didn't sign, so if the CO has a problem they could email me or delete the post. So I would only log a found if I physically have the cache in my hands. However from now on I will email the owner to make sure it's ok, I don't want to get anyone's backs up lol.
  13. I have been using an Oregon 200 for the last couple of years. I think it's superb, havnt had any issues with it, great for paperless caching and the Open Street Maps are pretty good also for free. The only thing with the Oregon 200 is that you have to be walling for the compass to work, and with poor reception can jump a bit, however with a separate compass soon sorts that one out. I got mine for £140 I think 2 years ago so very good value for money.
  14. Again, I wouldn't log a find if it had been muggled, however there has been I think 4 caches I have logged as found, but didn't sign, 3 were on a series, I lost my pen between caches, so I did have it in my hands but couldn't sign, and the other was a cache I could see, however with workmen working less than 50 yards away, I didn't retrieve, it has now been signed. I'm sure some will say I shouldn't have logged as found, but I did find it, but due to things outside of my control I couldnt sign it, however I will go back and sign the 3 I havnt signed yet.
  15. I can't remember what cache it was, but there was a tube again, however it has several holes in it going up it, and had to plug them all, I have to say we got rather wet There's a fantastic little series near me of similar ilk (http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=c8f5b201-12a0-4753-82bc-24dd1c1ed154). You are asked on the cache page to take with you: Krypton Caches Require Special Equipment: You need 1 Litre of water, perhaps a little more or maybe its the Metal key ring attached to end of fishing line or similar which is over 35" long or a balloon. You need to work out yourself which one will retrieve the cache. Yeh that looks like a good series, and only 35 miles from me . Maybe I will have to make a caching day of it, although me being a noobie, I presume you need all those things, and something over 35" hmmm... Maybe I need more experience, and for puzzle caches I don't even know where to start lol.
  16. I can't remember what cache it was, but there was a tube again, however it has several holes in it going up it, and had to plug them all, I have to say we got rather wet Edit: It was this one GC1V66A
  17. Yes I agree, most of the series down our way ( I do believe your in the Horsham area) are Flatcoat Walkers, and I they are all very well maintained. Had one DNF the other day, the next day she temporarily disabled it after confirming it wasn't there.
  18. I have a Nuvi 205 and coordinates seem very accurate! It always takes me right on top of the cache, literally, using the where am i? so i would have to say yes. I have just read that you can hold your thumb over the signal to get better information. I am going out tomorrow so will test this theory out. I have no problems with Nuvi until i go under tree cover and it jumps around alot on the basemap, but using where am i seems to be spot on. 26 finds and still counting!
  19. Thanks very much, i have been looking at this one, i was under the impression that the TOPO maps cost money, i stand corrected. Thanks very much
  20. Hi, I am new to geocaching. I am currently using a road SatNav. I am looking to invest in a decent one for off road, as the road one does the job, but can be rather, how can i put it sketchy at times (espeically under tree cover). The question i wanted to know is that if i buy one from the states, I was thinkin about a PN30 or 40. Can i get maps for the UK for free? Or are there devices of similar attributes here in the UK. I am looking to spend no more than £150, But hopefully a little less. If anyone could answer this question it would be much appreciated!!!
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