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  1. However, after having spent 10+ years logging 1000+ "found it" benchmark logs and more than twice that number of pictures only to see Groundspeak trash my efforts, it would not be prudent to try to replicate my work on Waymarking.com. Nor would it be an intelligent move to add anything to the Waymarking.com website. Groundspeak is making it abundantly clear they will not spend money to keep something active that is not profitable. Unless I am mistaken, NO premium membership is used or needed for Waymarking.com. So, it only makes sense Waymarking.com will also be deleted for financial reasons before too long. I pretty much quit geocache hunting a couple of years ago. But, I've maintained my Premium membership because I wanted to continue to support Groundspeak, thanks to their benchmark logging. I no longer see a reason for a Premium membership.
  2. This was not an advocation, simply an observation. In my experience, the "normal" with geocaches appears to be don't log a DNF. Simply log "I thought I would help the cache owner and leave a replacement". I have also noticed the replacement is almost never the same size as that in the listing which is never updated. (I have found a enough geocaches to have made a reasonable observation.) I was pointing out that was never a problem with hunting a benchmark. It was ALWAYS as described if not damaged or missing.
  3. Benchmark hunting has become my favorite part of the geolocation game. I LOVE tracking my finds on geocaching.com. I've found more than 1100 benchmarks, more than 300 in the past year! Benchmarks are often difficult to find since they are not always at the posted coords. You may have to read the description to figure out where the benchmark is. Just like some letterbox geocaches. You insist keeping benchmarks would require too much upkeep and maintenance. How so? Just leave well enough alone. Don't upgrade it. There are plenty of benchmarks in your very old database to keep most of us benchmark hunters happy. Your only expense should be allowing enough database space for the finds and pictures. As to the upkeep of the benchmarks themselves, it's NOT necessary. Unlike geocache hunting, when you can't find an ammo can in a bush you simply throw down a bison tube and claim your find, with benchmark hunting you find the benchmark, take a photo, and log it on geocaching.com. If you don't find it you are allowed to post a note saying you tried, but DNF. If you find evidence the benchmark is no longer there, you can mark the benchmark as destroyed. As many other posters have noted, the USGS has appreciated and used geocacher's logs to update their databases. Please don't think I am offering a threat, I'm fully aware my membership fee will not make a dent in your bottom line. But, removing benchmarks from my geocaching experience doesn't give me any incentive to pay for a premium membership. Finally, I can see on https://www.geocaching.com/my/logs.aspx?s=3 I have posted 1284 logs. What I don't see is how I can download those logs with their pictures.
  4. Like Moun10Bike said, those symbols are there for a reason. I was trying to point out, by looking at the Code, If I see a ?, I would know if the code started with GC, then it would be a geocache and not a benchmark. I have the benchmark symbol installed in my Oregon 700 now, so all is good with the world. [Except, the Oregon 700 won't let my write a log Note. Any help with that? <smile>]
  5. Thank you very much for your help! I believe you have me headed in the correct direction. FWIW, The '?' and the symbol for 'locationless' are intentional. I know by looking at the Code if it is a geocache or a benchmark. My benchmark database has been modified specifically to aid in finding and logging benchmarks. Note, even the D/T ratings have to do with each specific benchmark.
  6. I exported the file from GSAK as a .gpx file. Same results if I use GPS>Send Waypoints... except it sends it as a .ggz file. Also, I don't know what, if any, changes I've made to the GPSr, but the benchmarks ARE showing up now (except as closed chests).
  7. Thanks HHL, that's what I'd like to see on the Oregon 700!
  8. I won't mind jumping through a few hoops if I can retire my Delorme PN-60 and use my Oregon 700 efficiently. I'll appreciate whatever you can do to help. <smile> I don't know how to upload a .gpx file to this site, so try... https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvpkb5i48xo1prt/benchmark test.gpx?dl=0
  9. Thank you for your reply. I also download entire state text files from the USGS and convert them to .gpx files which I put into GSAK. Then I filter for the benchmarks I want to search for, and export a .gpx file OR simply "Send Waypoints" directly from GSAK. Works great on my Delorme PN-60, works great on friends Montana 700 and friends Map 62st. Doesn't work on my Oregon 700, I CAN load the benchmarks into the Oregon 700 and view them as waypoints, but that does not allow marking as found. And yes, I also use GSAK and load them all into my NUVI which also works quite well for road navigation.
  10. Interesting, you say that no Garmin GPSr recognizes benchmarks, and then you post a picture showing a map using benchmark symbols. What you have shown in your pictures is exactly what I would like to be able to do with my Oregon 700. It is what a friends Montana 700 does and what a friends Map 62st does. My Oregon 700 will NOT do that (AFAIK). What kind of GPSr did you use for those screenshots and does the GPSr allow searching for only selected types of caches like shown in the screenshot of my Oregon 700?
  11. I've taken an interest into looking for more benchmarks. Unfortunatly, my Oregon 700 doesn't want to help. I've resorted to using my old Delorme PN-60. I've talked to other Garmin owners and find the GPS Map, and the Montana (probably others too) work just like you would expect. The problem with the Oregon 700, is it ignores the "benchmark" type or the "locationless" type. A crude workaround is to change all the file types from benchmark to an Oregon 700 recognized cache type. I'm hoping for a better solution, such as adding the missing cache types to the Oregon. Anyone with an idea on how to do this?
  12. I"m having the same problem. NO logs loaded when I open a cache page. If I click on 'Show all logs', nothing happens. If I click on 'Friends', my friends logs do appear. THEN, if I click on 'Show all logs', then all logs do show. I'm using the current version of Chrome. I don't know anything about script blockers, but doubt I'm using one.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I am loading using GSAK and will try marking all my hides as found. I was hoping to be able to have all the caches in my GPSr, but be able to select only unfound caches OR select only my hides (for maintenance), OR select all for when I'm looking for a spot without a hide. I've recently switched over from using a Delorme for the last bunch of years. Quite a few features on the Delorme that don't seem to be available with Garmin. Another is not being able to log a note on a cache. If I find a challenge cache, I DON'T want to mark it found until I can list qualifications. With the Delorme, log a note is an option along with found or DNF. Then GSAK posts my logs as notes with boilerplate stating that I have not checked for qualifications yet.
  14. I have already found all of my own caches. When using my Garmin Oregon 700, it insists on listing all of MY caches, as well as my unfound caches, when I only want to see caches I have not found. How do I do this?
  15. This is a terrible example. I would claim that the stars are put around "FTF" specifically to emphasize it, so rendering it in italics is quite logical. The whole point of markdown is that it does fancy rendering for what some people have always done to indicate in plain text something that could be expressed better in a more modern environment. The real problem cases are the ones where markdown actually changes what was intended, including the astonishing case where "23." is changed to "1.". The stars are not necessarily put around "FTF" to emphasize it, but to differentiate it. If I wrote in a log that I just missed an FTF by 5 minutes and in another cache wrote thanks for the *FTF*, then I would be able to search previous logs for "*FTF*" to find my First to Finds without having my near misses coming up in the search also.
  16. This type of action by Groundspeak may have led the cache owner of GCDFB to archive the cache, instead of Groundspeak celebrating the FTF after 12 years in their Geocaching Blog! http://www.geocaching.com/blog/2013/06/worlds-oldest-unfound-geocache-is-found-getting-the-ftf-after-12-years/ Has the Cache Owner of GC1BE91 been notified that he must return to the Space Station to confirm the cache is still there and in good condition? It's been more than a year and a half since the cache has been logged as found.
  17. I'm sure I just don't understand, but it seems to me that if an unverified user has not provided a verified e-mail address, then there is no way to send that person an e-mail to check their message center for a message. Also, I find it VERY inconvenient NOT to have all my correspondence in e-mail. I currently have saved all of my geocaching correspondence. I have found it extremely convenient to be able to perform different types of searches on my old e-mail. Perhaps I'm looking for a hint that I received on a mystery cache some years ago. No problem, just search old e-mail. Perhaps I can't remember someone's geocaching name that I corresponded with years ago, but remember their real name. No problem, just search my old e-mail. There have been lots of reasons that I have needed/wanted to search my old geocaching correspondence. How will that be done now with some of it going to a "message center"?
  18. Ragfoot


    You will need to retrieve the items from that cache which you should be able to do as a matter of course because you'll still have them in your posession. Secondly go to your drop log on the tb page. Then you should see a few symbols on the log. One of which is a pencil. Hover over it and it should say edit log. Click on that. It will take you to the log. Then hit the dustbin icon to delete log. It will ask you if you are sure and click yes. And your done. Repeat for each tb this happened with. I tried that with one of them. Bear and Ragged was correct though. Of course it is in my possession again, but even though the drop log was deleted it still shows that the trackable had been somewhere that it really hadn't been.
  19. Ragfoot


    Is there any way to un-drop a trackable? I accidently logged that I dropped several trackables that I had no intention of dropping. One of the trackables is my Jeep and another one is my Prius, neither of which I intend to leave in a cache. In this case, neither vehicle was even in the state that I accidently dropped them. I know that I can "pick them up" again, but I really don't want the added bogus mileage to be added to the trackable number.
  20. It 'Does things' with the HTML above the email address... The original thread for the HTML is here link The DNF HTML needs to be the FIRST thing in the profile box. (And it could be something isn't closed..?) Most recent code seems to be this post And it might have been something wasn't closed. I DON'T know, but using that code makes the hyperlinks useable again. THANKS! And thanks to all that tried to help! Hopefully, the page will remain static for a while.
  21. I pretty much thought that was the problem also. But, I THOUGHT that I had copied the way that others had done the same thing... and theirs didn't mess up the hyperlinks. Any idea what/how I messed up and/or how to correct it and still have the DNF count? OK, you have a lot of third party stuff pasted in there. We see the DNF code, Stuff from Mygeocachingprofile.com, a map where you've colored in the States in which you found the oldest cache in (impressive, by the way), and a flag counter, in that order. Is that the same order the various HTML codes are pasted in as? Is the DNF code first? I'm really leaning towards the DNF code, as it's in the same section as the mistakenly disabled links. It IS the DNF code. All that other third party stuff has been there for a long time and the links worked correctly before the DNF code was added and works again if I remove the DNF code. The same code, which I copied from another geocacher, didn't effect that geocacher's links. But, not knowing that much about html, why would the DNF code, which was added in the User Supplied area, effect Groundspeak's code regarding the hyperlinks?
  22. It was worth a look, but appears to only have to do with Microsoft e-mail, not web pages. Thanks for looking.
  23. I pretty much thought that was the problem also. But, I THOUGHT that I had copied the way that others had done the same thing... and theirs didn't mess up the hyperlinks. Any idea what/how I messed up and/or how to correct it and still have the DNF count?
  24. Could be something in however you've added your stats... Try removing the stats, and see if the links work. Yes, the hyperlinks work fine if I remove my UserSupplied info. That's why I would like someone to please look at the html in my Personal Profile page and let me know how I managed to disable the Hyperlinks for my e-mail address, etc.
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