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  1. Thanks all for the replies and messages. I sent Team 360 a message. Hopefully they will have a terrific shot. The OCB is a perfect example of just how strange this game can be, and I am excited to be able to include it in the article.
  2. That does help – thanks! The only issue I have is that on the website all teh photos are too small to reproduce in print. If some has an original shot that hasn't been reduced in size that would be ideal.
  3. I have been asked to write an article on geocaching for our corporate magazine and am hoping someone can help me out. While I have read many articles on geocaching I think mine takes a bit of a different perspective and focuses on the quirkiness and fun of the game we love to play. As such, I want to include an image of the 'original can of beans'. Does anyone have an image of the original can of beans in the plexiglass display case at a high enough resolution to be printed? I need something at least 5x5 inches (that would be 1500 x 1500 pixels). Ideally the shot would not have any distracting elements in it. Being a clear case I understand it's not easy to get a good pic of them. If you could message me I will send along my info where you can send the picture. Thanks so much for any help you can give me on this!
  4. The example they gave in the knowledge book is a terrible one. Finding a percentage of a certain cache does NOT have to change one's caching habits or experiences. If 10% have to be attend logs then 90% can be anything else. If you want to get it as soon as possible, yes you'd have to drop everything else, but if the cacher added more events, then they could get there eventually. EVERY challenge affects the cacher's habits to some extent...or else it wouldn't be a challenge. Good luck Mr Drone, because The new wordings have holes large enough to drive a truck through. I look forward to seeing just what kinds of challenges will be published. Suddenly I am out of ideas.
  5. Cachers award favorite points to archived caches all the time. If I want to "waste" my points on an event to show my satisfaction, then why can't I? It's absolutely just as useful to me as favourites on any other caches. I can look at the past events hosted by the organizer and determine if that person hosts quality events. And at what point did you read the suggestion that the 6NoisyHikers want to truncate their log and replace it with a favourite point?
  6. What gets lost in the debate over ALRs is that challenge caches add a different dimension to the game. So, while my knickers are not in a twist...perhaps Groundspeak can address how challenges can be implemented, instead of opining as to how they shouldn't have been? Several suggestions surrounding Challenges have been suggested on the feedback forums. My feeling from the opinions expressed here is that you, at HQ aren't in fact figuring out how to best implement challenges, but rather are of the opinion that you need to fix an issue. Shame...seems like an opportunity wasted.
  7. I feel guilty. In my area it's an embarrassment of riches. Sure we have lousy caches, but we also have way more than our share of amazing containers, great hikes, interesting puzzles, unique cooperative experiences, tree climbs, letter boxes...you name it...all placed in the last year. Sure there has been some great older hides but if anything the hides have even improved since I began caching. I would like to think it's just luck, but it's really not...it's peer pressure. Caches that need maintenance get needs maintenance logs on them, caches that need to be archived do as well. But caches that need a little help seem to get that as well. Seems the cachers around here anyways, lead by example, by placing good caches and support the CO through maintenance, positive feedback and encouragement. Peer pressure goes a long way.
  8. TankHunter I happened to be placing a cache in the same forest (different parking area) when this one got published. Got FTF 20 minutes after publication...but that was just a bonus. The size floored me. I had noticed that it was a large container, but wasn't prepared for that...I admit that in my rush to get it before dark, I didn't read the cache page very carefully, and it probably bettered my experience for it.
  9. Wicked! It's like a surprise gift every time it comes out. Can't live without these. (I could, but really, who'd want to ??) Thanks a bunch! And thanks to everyone who takes the time to send in their tracks.
  10. Depends on the colour of the ammo can. I assume it is green. Beige works well. It's easily readable, but at the same time it is 'earthy', and will still blend in with it's surroundings. Black would also work ok if the ammo can isn't too dark.
  11. Well said.. all I can picture is a scene out of Gilligan's Island.
  12. You call that a penis tree? Here's a penis tree... Interesting story (to some): I grabbed this pic because I thought it was funny and submitted it to Weird NJ Magazine. It had the appendage and was "eating" a rock behind it. It was published and a few months later I was contacted by someone in the Lenepe Indian Tribe, and it was confirmed that this tree was a lost Marker Tree and is several hundred years old. Back in the day, the Lenepe Indians tied down trees on thier path to point to thinks like lakes and crops, etc. The tree would grow in a bend like that and after a year or so, the tree was untied. I am more interested in knowing if anyone else sees Jabba the Hut in that rock to the right. Maybe it's just me.
  13. Ok, I'm sold. So where can I get Permethrin spray in Ontario, Canada?
  14. I used pvc cement to sandwich two pieces of plexi together last fall. Seems in good shape still. It melts the plastic together. If done right it will never come apart and be totally water proof...considering that's exactly what it's for. Just be careful, it will muck up the keychain if it gets on anywhere else.
  15. So, sitting at my computer I decide to log several caches in the area. I need the numbers and my logic is I found them online and maybe even Google Earth. The logs get deleted and it screws up the record of 1016 caches in one day, only achievable by virtual logging. Now I am mad. I go out and actually find some of your caches and destroy them, after all, what should you expect for deleting my logs? Sorry, because someone is lacking integrity, social skills and was improperly raised by absentee parents should not dictate how the guidelines are enforced. If that were the case my example of a find was as valid finds as yours. If you can't sign the log, you can't claim the cache online. You can do what you want with your personal stats, however the basic premise of this whole thing is signing the log. If we didn't, the site would turn into Waymarking and no one wants that. Wow, what a non-sensical argument. You elevate the example to hyperbole and then argue your point. I did not suggest that someone would go out and destroy their cache or find them via google earth, I said someone would not help maintain them. This is a social game...and as such we depend on each other's positive nature. My point was, why create bad blood so that you can be right? Yes, they didn't sign the log and yes, they should not claim a find. And yes, you have every right to delete the logs. You have right on your side! Good for you...and what of it? You created ill will, in what this thread shows is at least a grey area, and alienated a fellow cacher. You go preserve the integrity of the game as you define it. Have fun with that...sounds like a blast worrying about how others play it. One last note...I always love how people use "guidelines" and "enforced" in the same sentence. I savour the irony.
  16. Just hypothetical, but let's just imagine the next time one of your containers is frozen in place, shall we? Will that finder rip that sucker open no matter what to sign the log to avoid getting their log deleted? Yep! Imagine if you will a crack in the container? Will the finders, whose log you deleted add some tape...nope. Will they replace the container EXACTLY how they found it...they sure will, even if it's totally exposed to muggles..."Well, that's how I found it!", they'll say. Your standards will determine how finders treat your caches. I suggest you look beyond the rules here.
  17. EXACTLY why we grabbed it now. Funny though, our legs still itched like crazy all the way back home. Reading the logs totally gave us the heebie jeebies.
  18. Found Geofellas April Fools 2006 'Drip' series on the 5th anniversary of it's placement.
  19. I can please some of the people some of the time, I can please most of the people all of the time, But how to please a pig? Like this Well, if he waits until 2019, we can have a challenge that includes both the Year of the Pig and International Pig Day. Toss in a Pig Roast and everyone is happy but the Vegetarians. ...and the pig.
  20. Yep, I tend to buy them out, when they do happen to get them in. I can vouch for their service.
  21. 79 all by bike, on what sounds like the same or similar trail that Mr Yuck rode. 45 kilometres round trip, the last 26 of which was in a total downpour, in late October.
  22. Yes, so when you walk away, I am sure that your mini swag fits and the lid is sealed. However, when I arrive five cachers behind you, rest assured that your swag, coupled with a bag that's been opened 5 more times, a log that is fatter from having been rolled and unrolled 5 times and MASHED against your "appropriate" mini swag along with new "appropriate" swag has all worked together to have completely wrecked the cache. Common sense. No worries. I empty the micros and move the nonsense to the nearest "appropriate" cache, saving the next person from having to figure out how to get the 15 clowns into the tiny car.
  23. Well, if you don't want to be deceptive, then it's a micro. Listing it as anything else will result in the seekers looking for something other than a vial.
  24. I came very close a few months ago, and that was just based on one very negative experience. All I can say is it's easy to find caches, it takes a whole other emotional level to try and hide and maintain good caches. I don't think I would ever go out in a blaze like this, but, I would definitely consider archiving all my hides and go back to just seeking. It's the hiding where the real politics get involved.
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