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  1. I just saw a new Durecell Battery TV comercial. It was about local people in the rain forest plotting there area with a Garmin 60CS. :blink:


    Even Durecell likes Garman better then Magellan. :rolleyes: he he


    I hope they are learning about Geocaching as well.

  2. One thing I think that the quest doesn't have is the Geocaching feature that the 60cs has. I also like my 60cs compass <_< . I wouldn't even think about getting a 60c. Does the Quest have a live compass?


    All though you did open my eyes to the Quest. I have never looked at it before, and it seems to be quite a nice GPS. Maybe some day if I save some money might get a quest. <_<

  3. My husband just decided to get he wanted his own accounts so he finnaly go one and he ask me if he could log the ones he has been with me on, but I told him he would need to go back and sign them with his new geocaching name.


    So I feel like the people mentioned above you will need to go back and sign them. :blink:

  4. I dont have a pda, Id like to have everything on one piece of equipment. If I could see the full hint without it being cut off this would be the perfect GPS.

    You should have gotten a garmn IQue if you wanted it all in one unit.


    I also find it helpful that my palm with cachmate has a way to log my finds of what I take and leave and time & date of find. Another helpful thing is the past 5 logs to look at. Some times there are more clues, if you are stuck. On along trip or vacation away from your computer, it helps keep you orginized.


    I have a very old palm IIIxe that works great, but I wish it would die, so I have an excuse to by a new more updated palm. If its not a long hike or if I am just doing one quick cache, I just leave the palm in the car and log it when I get back.

  5. I would guess about 12 years ago I had to put my 15 year old Havanese (Heidi) to sleep. She had been the most favorite dog I had ever had. So it was very hard for me to even think about getting another one.


    After hearing and reading articles about never having another dog that would be so great, I wasn't to sure about ever getting a dog again. I also got use to not being tied down with a dog.


    About 2 or 3 years ago I started thinking about getting another dog. This time I wanted a Bichon Frise (a larger relative to the Havanese). Several Christmases came and went and my Husband wanted to get me a Bichon, but I had to find one I wanted. And I did look several times, but I guess I was not motivated enough to do anything about it.


    Then last November I was at a tire shop getting my SUV a front end alignment, when I picked up the local paper and looked at the classifieds, and sure enough there was an ad with Bichon puppies for sale. So, I called and the rest is history.


    I don't know what I was thinking, waiting so long to get another dog. Jasmine has been the Joy of our lives. Because I have been more pacient in training her, and she is not left home alone very much, she is a much better dog then Heidi was. I have quickly learned that you CAN have another favorite dog.


    I have been working on her to be a therapy dog. She loves people and loves lots more attention then any other dog I have ever had. She will have to be a year old before she can become a therapy dog. She also loves to go out Caching with me. I am trying to teach her to help me find the caches as well. I started Geocaching a few months before I got Jasmine, so I think I would have a different Geocaching call name if I had had Jasmine first.


    When Jasmine was 2 months old - Panda Angel



    6 Months



    10 Months - She loves to play with my niece.



    P.S. I love you design. What was the cost for how many? I have just made a sig card, but maybe in the future will make a sig item of some sort.


  6. I think everybody here knows the definitions of the terms. I think some of us think that others are confusing the terms while they are actually not, and therein lies the confusion.


    I think Panda is recalculating the route for off road when getting ready to grab the cache. It would be logical for some to think that by asking for an off road route that the GPSr would know enough that the user does not want to be tied to the roads anymore and would like to have the GPSr display their position out in the field. But because Panda has the Lock On Road feature turned on, it stays on despite the fact that Panda has requested an off road route.

    Neo Geo - You hit the nail right on the head. ;)


    I think with all the bells and whisels this GPS has, that it should be smart enough to know when I am off road not to snap me to a road.


    But I guess I will leave Road Lock off. If that will fix the problem.


    Thanks everyone for you input.


    P.S. To me the funny thing is, that if I turn off and turn on my 60cs it will quit trying to snap to a road until I try and follow roads to the next cache location.

  7. Turn off the "Lock On Road" function...?


    On the Map page, press "Menu", Select "Setup Map", Press "Enter". Scroll over to the first icon in the upper left - an "N" surrounded by arrows - scroll down to the "Lock On Road" setting and set to "Off"

    I didn't think I needed to do that because I had switched to off road. It only seems to lock to roads after I have navigated to the cache area by following roads, but once I switch over to off road it still locks me to the road.


    If I don't use follow roads then I don't seem to have that problem at all.


    To me that seems like a glitch that garmin needs to fix. Or maybe add it as another choice on that menu or off road menu.


    Thanks for the help. :D In the end I did make that change. I knew it was there, but I think there should be a better way to resolve this issue.

  8. Am I the only one that has problems with my 60cs?


    Any time I Find a cache by following a road, and them when I park and then find by "Off Road" it locks me onto the nearest road. The only thing I can do to fix this is by turning the power off, then back on. Is there a better way? :D


    I keep hoping that Garmin will fix this bug with a firmware update. :D

  9. I have a few questions about listing a new cache.


    Does anyone have some cool template HTML stuff for making your listing look good?


    Maybe some listing software?


    And any other good ideas for making your listing look good :P

  10. I bought my Garmin 60cs last October, I think. Geocaching in TN can be rough on a GPS so I did a lot of research of a case for my investment. And there was only one that could be left on while useing. It is a sharkskin(neopreme) from the GPSstore.com. Its ok, but it is very hard to peel off ever time you need to change the batteries or upload caches.


    Just now I did a search on Google and found there are several out there that look very promising.


    :D My question is - Does anyone have a favorite case? - OR - What are the pros and cons to the case you may have for the Garmin 60?

  11. Thanks for the info. To bad there isn't a way to just delete caches instead of all waypoints. I wonder if Garmin could change that in some software update? Is there a spacific place on the gramin webpage to give ideas for updates?

  12. I have a 60cs and I am trying to find a easy way to delete my several hundred cache waypoints. I would like to load some from a different area. I can seem to only delete one at a time. That would take almost forever. I also have Mapsource 6.3. Is there a way to delete many caches at a time? Or all of them ? :rolleyes:

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