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  1. I am using a old Palm IIIce. For my birthday my husband is going to by me a newer palm and it will have the capability to viewing pictures. So that's why I ask. I have loaded many caches in my palm and on a rare occation I find a cache that talks about a picture. And boy oh boy it would have made it alot easier to find it with the picture.

  2. In cachemate the only thing I miss is if a cache has a picture as a clue or is helpful in some way. I don't think you can get them in your palm very easily.


    If I am wrong, please someone tell me how :)

  3. Here is my first Sig Item. A bussiness card.




    After Printing it with my inkjet printer, I sprayed it acouple of times with a sealant so it won't smudge so easy. It printed alittle better than this looks.

  4. I want to thanks all who responded. <_<


    Again I am sorry for the mix-up, but I only have 3 to trade and they go to:


    Sandra - Maryland


    Jason- Colorado


    Marc - Silver Germany


    If I had had more coins I would have traded with more of you. Please check out other the people in this listing who say they have TN coins to trade.

  5. The new Tennessee Geocoin comes in a plastic coin sheath with tracking # and Activation code on it.


    TN Geocoin 2005 :rolleyes:


    I am willing to trade with other un-activated State or Country Groundspeak trackable Geocoins. I would appciate (picture or link) of coin.


    I will wait 1 day for offers then I will post accepted offers.


    Edit: Sorry I only have 3 the other four I could not get ahold of. :blink:

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