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  1. Atlanta Gal,


    He was talking to me. About a trade.


    P.S. I was realy wanting to meet you at BBB & B1/2 party the other day. Sorry you didn't make it. Maybe some other time

  2. Were is the cheapest place on the Internet to buy some Earth Magnets? :)


    Leaveing a forwarding link would be nice.


    Also, I will take suggestions of adhesives for these mags onto plastic?

  3. I am planning on upgrading from a Palm IIxe to a Palm E2, but I am also hoping in the future you will make an udated version of Cachemate for the newer palms that will have images incorperated in it. On occations I find I need the clue which in some cases is a picture.

  4. :( I bought 10 and have six I will sell, but preferably trade with those who would like one. Please email me what you have to trade with(Geocacaching.com Trackables only, please). I will wait till Monday evening to here from everyone that is interested, before I make any desisions.
  5. I have a small collection of Geocoins I took to a even and logged them in. And now I can't seem to retrieve them. Or move them to another event I plan on attending.


    I need some help. What do I need to do? <_<

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