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  1. I'm having the same problem, message just tells me something went wrong, try again later. I've never had a problem before uploading images.
  2. I don't like the changes, I don't see them as improvements & feel I am paying for a worse product. The loss of maps on a number of occasions recently also makes me wonder if the development team are delivering what geocachers need most. Ah, it looks like the default settings have been changed back to date rather than distance, thanks for listening admin team.
  3. When I click on another players profile & then on 'geocaches' & then 'all geocache finds' the list brings up geocaches starting the list at those nearest to my home location. I used to see the list starting with the geocaches most recently found by the other player, have I got something wrong in search filters & if so how can I revert to seeing caches in order from latest found.
  4. Very slow & unresponsive in all search engines in UK today, hope it's fixed soon.
  5. Thanks Lee,you were right multi caches, virtuals & puzzle caches were turned off in the menu (I didn't even know that menu existed).
  6. Having recently purchased a Garmin Oregon I tried downloading a batch of recently solved puzzle caches, all the traditional caches in my selected area downloaded but no sign of the puzzle caches even though they were showing on the pocket query. I then tried to download them to my old GPSmap 62s & they downloaded as expected, is there some setting in the Oregon that makes it ignore '?' icons?
  7. I have an event scheduled for the 4th July, I think it wise to wait & see what the outlook is (probably around the start of June) before deciding whether to cancel / postpone it.
  8. I've been a premium member for the last 10 years (renew every May) & the new caches had been published for around 18 hours. I have had this problem once before but I used to use C-geo app & never had the problem with that. Checked my 'phone today (24 hours after I had the problem) & all the caches are now displayed on the official Geocaching app.
  9. I dashed out today hoping to get some first to finds, as I was in a hurry I didn't bother loading the caches to the Garmin, I had a good phone signal & the only way I could see the caches was by selecting an old cache nearby, open in 'browser' view 'larger map'. New caches were then displayed so I found their coordinates & loaded them as a waypoint on the old caches page. Yes I know I should have run a pocket query & loaded them on my Garmin but surely they should have appeared on the official app. Has anyone else suffered a similar problem?
  10. I noticed that a lot of caches in my area were found in the last few days by cachers who had found them previously, I guess the original logs were deleted & 'new' found logs created to get the required number for the souvenir, but hey ho, if it makes them happy.
  11. Very slow in theUK today, 20/04/19 at 13.45 , I could make a cup of coffee while the page loads. I am a premium member so It's not just basic members effected.
  12. Hi, if I was you I would name the coin as your personal geocoin & log its visits to caches you find. I have a personal travel bug that has covered over 50,000 miles, you will be surprised at the distance you travel in search of Tupperware.
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