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  1. No I meant on the profile, ovbs it would still show up in logs that you had found it, and people could still find your geocaches on the map. But it would be nice if there was an option to not have them all collated on your profile.
  2. Is there not a way you can make your geocaching account private? You can hide statistics but not the geocaches you have found/hidden. If there isn't could this also serve as a suggestion.
  3. Smory

    Api outage?

    Yep, you’re not the only one.
  4. Smory

    Api outage?

    Same, i think the API (servers) is dead lol.
  5. Yeah its quite faint and remember to check all the photos as there are multiple numbers/ letters on the rover. There is one image that has the code zoomed in and pretty visible. And of course make sure you are filtering by watson camera
  6. I often use my phone on hills/mountains as I always have it with me anyway and I'm not that likely to drop it. But signal becomes a problem if you don't have premium to download the caches in remote areas.
  7. If the size gets changed does it no longer count as a find?
  8. Maybe it could be implemented that you only get notifications for caches you follow/are watching
  9. I mean of course if it was implemented then it could be optional what notifications you get, I guess when like yourself you have 200+ hides it would be a bit spammy
  10. When someone logs a geocache the owner gets an email with the log contents, it would be nice if this could be delivered with a push notification instead. I understand this isn't a very big problem but I don't think it would be that difficult to implement.
  11. I think the iOS and android apps would benefit from having a forums tab directly in the app. It would allow for push notifications for posts and make it easier to ask about geocaching if you are new. Discuss...
  12. Yeah, I can't get this to work, maybe they pushed this feature to some users as a test like @Max and 99 suggested.
  13. Yeah most/all phones just don't have accurate enough GPS's to take reliable coordinates for hiding caches.
  14. Tbh I mostly use my phone (with the official app) purely because its always on me and works well enough for most caches. I only use my GPS for hiding caches and if a cache is deep in the wilderness. I'm pretty sure Garmin has geocache live GPS's so if i would get a new one i would probably get that... idk I've not looked that much into it.
  15. Wow this thread really blew up. After reading through the replies I now see that it’s not really a big problem and that there is not much to do to fix it. Thanks for all the replies
  16. I keep seeing people with thousands of finds and I can’t help but think that some accounts may be faked as currently you can just mark a cache as found without ever visiting it. I have 2 possible solutions for this problem. 1. Make the found button location based so you have to be near the cache to mark it as found. This however brings its own problems. Solution 2: Use physical qr codes in geocaches. I think it would not be too difficult to implement a scan to find system where a hider prints a qr code and places it in the cache and the finder goes on the app and scans it to confirm the find. I do feel this could cause problems if it is fully implemented so I would suggest that there is instead a system of verified finds. So on a profile it would not only show your finds but also your verified finds that you scanned a qr code to log. This would give a better indication of a user’s legitimate finds. Having this system of verified finds would also mean that not all caches need to be updated with qr codes and if a qr code gets damaged the cache can still be logged. An alternative to qr codes could also be a 4 digit pin that you find in the cache and type in to verify your log. This is just a few ideas and I’m not sure if they could actually work so please discuss below. Smory
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