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  1. Technology brought me to caching. There is a podcast called "Stuff You Should Know" (which I highly recommend) and they did a whole podcast on Geocaching. I got online then I took the tomtom and figured out how to input coordinates and I went to a local park with a sheet of paper full of coordinates and hints and found several. I happened to take my husband and mother along and they loved it too. My mother then realized that her phone had a geocaching app, we downloaded the free version, and soon after paid for the full version. Then a mere week or two later we bought an Oregon 400t and a premium membership. We've been caching ever since (ok so not that long). We may not have a lot of numbers, but we always have a blast everytime we go out! PS. The podcast has several errors in it's geocaching facts, just a warning! But at least they did the topic, their show is one of the most popular on iTunes! I know it at least turned me on to Geocaching!
  2. While I am no expert on Mexico, it's culture or language, but i have to chime in and say that as an American I have cached in Mexico, and I am so happy that I did. Yes I was in a tourist town far from the border, but without trying to cache there I would never have found my new favorite bar! Not to mention all of the other great adventures I had because I was trying to find a cache. I cached in the playa del carmen/cozumel area, which I had been to several times before, but all before I was a cacher and it was a great way to mix up the fun! GCTGGQ no name beach club - by far the best place a cache has ever taken me! The Virtual on the playa del carmen side One Stage of a Multi on Cozumel No you didn't need a photo with the pelican, the cacher was taking a photo of us, and he was backing up to get everything in frame and this pelican couldn't care less, so we turned around and took their photo... A cache on Cozumel Not the most creative or memorable cache container or hide, but most everyone's story of getting there is great! I know ours was... GC4CE5
  3. My hubs and I go camping just about every weekend but he isn't that into caching. He has no problem doing it as long as it doesn't have him stopped for too long (he's a go go go kind of guy). So to help me plan ahead and find the most cache's I was hoping someone could explain a way for me to combine the trail maps of the parks I plan to visit with the google map I can pull up of the area with the cache's on it. This way I can better tell what cache's are on what trails (or not on a trail at all) and have better luck finding caches! I hate hiking around and realizing I just walked by a cache, cause he isn't turning around...
  4. I found these gnomes at target in the dollar bins. They look exactly like the ones I've seen on a cache selling website, so i figured if they could make them work... I understand ceramic is a bit fragile and definitely porous (sp?) so I was hoping someone had some experience using some sort of sealant that I could apply first to both inside and outside of the gnome to keep out the water and hopefully reduce the chance of breaking due to swelling when wet and temperature changes. Thanks for the multi / puzzle ideas! I think finding one of these in the woods would be hilarious!
  5. I recently found these little ceramic gnome characters that I would LOVE to turn into caches. The gnomes are maybe 3-4 inches high and hollow with an approx. 1 inch hole on the bottom (they're ceramic from a mold apparently). Problem is that they don't have a cover over the hole at the bottom and due to their shape (pesky legs) I couldn't stick anything hard sided but the smalles of micros in there. I could have a larger log in a baggie and stick it inside the guy, but I feel like that wouldn't be a strong enough container without some sort of way to plug up the hole (and it act as a cap). Or would it be? Anyone have any suggestions to make this a successful cache? I got the gnomes for super cheap so I have a little more left in the budget for some quality ideas...
  6. Thanks for all the work! These are great, I decided to try my hand at it today as well, watcha think? and small: I also did it in b&w for practice sake: and small: I had a lot of fun doing this! Great idea!
  7. thanks ecanderson! That's what I have been doing when I've played with it so far. Thanks for the info!
  8. Me Please! We geocache as a team, two males two females, but the name really comes from our pawed caching-companion Remi, who is a bassett hound. Remi is the dog in the current pic, and she has been joined by another basset, so we're now a two bassett team! I thought a bassett with the gc colors instead of black and brown patches might be pretty cool... we use an oregon 400t and an iphone (it is a team) The GPS doesn't need to be in the image. Another idea would be a bassett nose to the ground sniffing out a cache... THANKS!
  9. I am wondering what is the best (or correct?) way to get coordinates for placing a cache. I am interested in starting to put out some of my own but would want to test out the proper way to get coords first. I have an Oregon 400t and I know it has a waypoint averaging function, is this the best thing to use? How?
  10. Today i went for a quick run on my lunch and came across a cache that had obviously been removed from it's hiding spot. The Cahce was lying on the ground surrounded by trash and wood shavings, park workers were on the other side of the park trimming branches and cutting down dead trees. My suspision was that they were planning to come back and clean most of the trash up, cache included. There weren't any obviously places to stash the cache in the near vacinity due to the new lack of trees and the size of the cache, so I took it with me. The cache itself is in great shape and just needs to find a new hiding spot. I wasn't sure about taking the cache, but thought I would rather take it and message the owner(which I did) and not risk having the park service throw it away. Was this the "right" way to handle the situation?
  11. I am not looking for fancy specs or graphs or conversations about what the battery is made of, I just want to know which battery is the best. I usually only cache on the weekends, but will do it for long periods of time. During the week the GPS is off unless I know of a close one somewhere near where I will be. So what would be the best battery? I am looking for something rechargeable, with a car plug-in option as well. I hate not having back-up when I'm out caching on a hiking/camping trip. Thanks!
  12. I live on the Indiana side of Louisville and have been trying to find ammo cans in a store around here and am having a hard time. Any recommendations or known sightings?
  13. I am going to be traveling to Mexico at the end of the month and would love to find a few cache's. Can someone explain what I will need to do to have my Garmin Oregon 400T ready? I will be heading to a town near Cozumel. I am going to try and search on gc.com to see if I can just make a pocket querry for the area, but I figured I'd start here and see if anyone had any knowledge in the area.
  14. Don't be confused by all the stereotypes, bassets are active dogs who LOVE being outside. Top is Remi (hence the name) at 2 years and a whopping 33 pounds, below is Graham at 22 pounds and 4 months old (he's gonna be a lot bigger than her...) The word "geocaching" is getting up there on the excitement scale with "car ride" "dog park" and "food". Can't think of a better thing to do with the paws!
  15. The Garmin Oregon 400t is on sale at Bass Pro Shops for about $350, $150 off! I bought one and after 2 days I already am deeply in love!
  16. Thanks! Your review and the one leading up to the release were items I had already read, I found them very useful!
  17. More Questions: I have done a lot of research and decided to buy either a Dakota 20 or splurge on some sort of Oregon, but I was wondering what expenses I can expect outside of the box? I know I will need to get a premium membership to gc.com, and it sounds like some sort of sd card (though you can get those pretty cheap these days), are the included basemaps enough for caching? I have heard that there are free maps available on the internet, is this an easy thing to access and ad, and will it harm the gps in any way? I have been using an iphone, but like many others have noted, it's useless where you lack phone reception, and that is exactly where I want to cache! Sorry for all the questions but this seems like the best place to get information!
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