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  1. I bought a Legend locally. Yes I paid more than online but also like to be able to return an item. It worked out. Went to Walmart bought a Legend for $169. It came with nothing except a manual. I returned it because according to Garmin it should come with the PC cable. Went to Target and purchased a Legend but this was the Adventure Pak. Came with the PC cable, case and a VHS tape for $10 more. Actually the Legend from Target was 12 cents cheaper. For some reason Target didn't charge me 6% sales tax and Walmart did. :blink:



  2. Hi,

    Been lurking on and off for awhile. Haven't actually gone caching yet. I have been trying to get the wife interested and think I have done it so looking forward to some nice w/e's we can get away for a few hours.


    I suppose I still have that old school philosophy: You learn more by listening (or in this case reading) than talking.



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