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  1. I see that the link for the new jeeps says "sorry we are out". Does that mean the ones that where able to fill one out will get one?
  2. Looking at the contest photos that have been entered so far, I see there are a couple of photos that clearly show jeep hording. I can understand if they have one maybe two jeeps but one photo entry shows the green jeep with five other jeeps. I will not vote for someone who clearly is hording the jeeps. Put the Jeeps back in the caches where they belong.
  3. I have emailed new cachers in my area welcoming them and letting them know if they have any questions to feel free to email me. Some email back and some don't. I wish someone would have emailed me when I started geocaching. I had to figure out how everything worked on my own. If I notice a new cacher has logged in thier log that they picked up a travel bug but it is still showing at the cache I will email them to see if they understand how it works ect ect. I think that is where alot of travel bugs get placed in caches and not logged.
  4. It's sad to say but alot of people wont do "playground" caches. With all the "freak"s in the world it has come to that. I don't mind doing park caches but not so sure if I would do a "playground" area unless it was empty. It's just up the person I guess. Some people wont do cemetary caches because they think it's disrespectful.
  5. Here is one from the St. Louis area. (GCQEM5) "PROPOSAL POINT".
  6. "Can't we all just get along" (R.K.) Sad that we have to play that "CARD" even with a sport/hobby like geocaching. My JEEP'S name is "White Chief Peak" (CO) , and the peak was given that name for whatever historical reasons (I would assume after a great "white chief"). Being half Native American I wouldn't want to change any of the peaks or mountains names. They are all part of "OUR" history.
  7. Geocaching.com has had the Jeep Contest on it's homepage for a couple days now.
  8. As of July 28, Groundspeak posted the following.
  9. I sent mine in the day it was posted online. It took 1 week to get mine and two other people from our team have yet to get thiers. It just takes time with the US Mail. Groundspeak posted a note on the forums a few days ago stating that everyone who sent in for one would get one and that they still had jeeps for those who still wanted one. I'm sure everyone will get one in the next couple days.
  10. One thing I have heard over and over by cachers in my area is that they claim to hate easy drive up caches. But if you look at thier stats, they have very few 4 or 5 star cache finds if any. To be honest, I don't think half of them could do a 4 or 5 star cache. I will say that here in the USA we have plenty of 4 or 5 star caches and it just depends on what location you are from (city, desert, mountains, ect.).
  11. The coolest thing I have found was a Vietnam Veterans coin from "The Wall" . I put it in a hard plastic coin case and still have it on my desk.
  12. In the past they have sent them to the charter groups in a bunch of 100 to go out at events. I don't remember the number but wasn't last years total number of jeeps 5000? I don't recall cachers being able to request any to be sent to them? You are right, that is how they have done it in the past, but this year you have to fill out a form and even if you send one in they can still reserve the right to not send you one. We all know the big names on the forums will be getting one at least...oh well.... You are right, but we all know how the "little" clicks work. Hopefully Jeep will have a fair way of sending the jeeps out so the "little" clicks don't have control of them all. Welcome to the little click. Cool!! I'm in the little click!!
  13. Got mine today!! What a name for a green jeep, (White Chief). That's another one for Illinois.
  14. Still no Jeep for me!! I know the US mail can be slow but it's hard to believe all the orders have been mailed out and everyone has not received them yet.
  15. I log them as a DNF and will go back after the cache has been replaced. You must sign the log to get credit. If you don't sign the log in my caches I deleat your find. We just went through this problem with a cacher named Foo Foo The Snoo
  16. I was looking to see if any of the new GJTB'S where activated so I could see how many where and the locations of the jeeps by State. None are showing activated yet. Did they send a letter asking not to active until Aug. 1st?
  17. Did you "Discover" them from the old name? You must have the same email address that is still showing as 1 person? Drop them off under the old name. just a thought. I don't know the answer. I will watch this post just so I can learn the answer to this question.
  18. Did you "Discover" them from the old name? You must have the same email address that is still showing as 1 person? Drop them off under the old name. just a thought. I don't know the answer. I will watch this post just so I can learn the answer to this question.
  19. Still "No Jeep For Me". Maybe I'll get it tomorrow so Illinois can represent. Mailed mine off the 1st day.
  20. That's the bad thing about these forums, Someone always has somekind of smart answer. Hope you didn't run another person away from posting.
  21. I stocked my Travel Bug Hotel with nice things when I first placed it. I found out "REAL" quick to down scale what I restock it with. Someone actually put a limestone rock in the cache one time.
  22. I would assume that he was asking because he wants to restore the "Project Ape" icon to his area. It is a rare icon to get along with the "Earth" icon.
  23. I could not find a topic that this question would fall under so I am asking under this topic. On your profile page, there is a link that says "See The Forum Post For this User". Is there away to remove that link from your profile page?
  24. Actually, you can count on NO JEEP for this entire week. We have not mailed any of them yet. They will likely start shipping at the end of this week. You say "WE" as if you have something to do with mailing them? If so, When and How are you deciding who get the jeeps in the mail?
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