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  1. I just recently got into the Benchmark search. I especially like it right now since I do not have to touch a container. I have located the general area for a couple but short of digging up the entire area I am having a tough time with a couple. I enjoy finding some that have never been located. I was thinking of purchasing a metal detector. I noticed that there are some that are more of a pinpoint detector. They are smaller easier to carry and less expensive. What is your thought? Do you use one? If so what type? Thanks for your input (Any other supplies that you find helpful to carry with you I am open to learning)
  2. How do I enter the pictures into the write up? I have tried inserting them into the write up and copy and paste but they do not show up. I can save them as photos in a gallery but then they are not in the write up....HELP
  3. I am sure that I use to be able to see my benchmark finds on my stats page. I marked some benchmarks today and another player asked me about the stats and when I went to my stats page I couldn't find any statistics on benchmarks. Am I missing something? Is it on a different page? If anyone has an answer, a map, coordinates to follow???? Thanks
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