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  1. A new free app just got into the market. It's called [removed]. It's pretty awesome. Everything is done in the app, no need to load anything from the browser or anything. This is the type of app I was looking for. And it will hold me over until the official one comes out. But this one works great and right now it's free. [Moderator Note: The name of the application and the link to its web home have been removed. This application violates Groundspeak's Terms of Use Agreement and uses elements of Groundspeak's Trademark Geocaching logo and cache icons without permission. Do not promote this application in your Groundspeak Forum posts. Thanks!]
  2. Just got this email back!!! Hi Yes, we do have plans to develop a geocaching application for the Android platform. It may be a while before it is released, however, since we are also focused on a number of other projects. Thank you, Michael
  3. What's the best email address to use so I can send them an email asking for an Android version?
  4. I hope Groundspeak releases an Android app. I switched from my iPhone 3G to the new Motorola Droid, and the GC app is what I miss the most. GeoBeagle works, but it's clunky and ugly. I know functionality is much more important than looks, but they certainly help. The iPhone Geocaching app was intuitive, fast, and looked great. Every geocaching app I've tried on Android looks so amateurish. But it seems that's a problem with Android, because almost every Android app I've used has had a terrible interface. I'm just spoiled by the iPhone apps looking and working so great I guess. The thing I loved about my iPhone app is that it was quick and easy to use. I would go out hiking or out driving around with my girlfriend and just spur of the moment want to find a cache. So I'd pull my iPhone out, hit find nearby caches. Then it would bring up a list of all the caches near me. I would then have it show me on a map, where I could see which caches were near where I was headed on the hiking trail. Click that cache, and hit navigate to. I would also have access to the descriptions, logs, hints, etc. It made geocaching so easy and intuitive. I just really hope Groundspeak comes out with something soon. The developers they had make the iPhone app really knew what they were doing and did a great job. With all these new Android phones coming out, I'd be surprised if Groundspeak wasn't thinking about releasing an app. At some point Android phones will outnumber iPhones, so it only makes sense they would make an app. It's just a matter of when.
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