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  1. HELP - How do I unlink (un-authorize, unbind)Geopt geocaching tools from geocaching.com? I was setting it up for a friend and logged in as me to make sure it was working and now I can't get it to stop auto-connecting as me so I can set it up for their account...
  2. Does anybody know the update delay time between logging your caches and running the "my finds" PQ? I logged 14 finds into the website, then went to PQ and ran a query I needed and also ran "my finds" to update my GSAK. The "My File" data packet I was sent had my other days caches but did NOT have any of todays 14 finds. Now I must WAIT 7 days to run it again to get todays finds. I'm guessing there must be some delay - I'd like to know what it is so that next time I'll wait before running the "my finds" query. Thanks! P.S. took about 20 min to log all my caches and it was about 2-3 min between my last entry and my PQ run.
  3. I use gsak and found it works very well for this task (and more)
  4. Was wondering what you found? And also.... Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. Your site has given me and my family and friends many wonderful times together. Thank You!
  5. What I meant was - I wonder how I check and see if I was supposed to be listed as a charter member or not - that's all.....
  6. Hmmm, I've been here since 2001 - and think I've been paying since they started asking for money - Wonder how I check about this Charter thing?
  7. This is what I do - I never run the event query - I just preview it - The preview listing for only event queries is what I wish to have sorted by date. So that the next event is first on the list and I can plan my schedule of upcoming events...
  8. Ummm, what is the difference (I guess I'm really asking what the definition of each is?)
  9. Well, actually it could be automatic for me.... I tend to always miss events because I live out in the sticks and when I pull up my lists the events are on page 4 or 15. I found out that I could make a Pocket Query for just event type caches (COOL!) but the listing is sorted by distance (not a big help for *this* type of list) It would be nice if the *event* Pocket Query would be sorted by date, so I can quickly see when I'm about to miss one. Thank You!
  10. I'm keying on the "Not Active" flag I have the "placed on" date set to "none selected" I'd like to see a query option called "Closed during" or "became Inactive during" that has the same date options as the "placed on" section. This way I can find all the caches that have recently become unavailable to me. Hope this clears up my post... Geedunk
  11. I have a Pocket Query to find dead/archived/not active caches so that I can update my DB to keep me from hunting the dead ones. The problem is that once more than 500 dead guys are in a search zone I start missing some of them. It would be nice if on the query page it could include a "closed on" date to compliment the "created on" option. This way I could search for the caches that have died within the last month or week. Thanks! Geedunk
  12. I don't think so - but I may have.. However, I would think that the GSAK filter that counted 386 caches (or hits on the 'found' column) when applied to the database filter would show me the same number of caches... unless the bottom 'counts' number is not actually counting caches? [well, Clyde answered my question while I was typing my reply from the other answer] Thanks everyone for helping me see how this works!!!
  13. Hmmm, While I'm sure it is me being silly, however... While looking at the counters on the bottom right, I see that I have 386 found caches. When I double click on the '386' to set the filter, my database shows only 377 caches (out of 4926 7.7%). Any idea where the difference would be? Thanks! and thank you for this wonderful S/W... P.S. I'm running the latest version (loaded it today) Seem to think it was different in the older version as well... Geedunk
  14. posted in wrong area, must figure out how to close/remove this... Geedunk
  15. I've been doing this for a while, even if my numbers do not reflect it. When I started, it was a new sport, the caches were full size and had wonderful prizes in them. It was a GEEKS dream, you found a cool item (phone, hard drive, knife, flashlight, ie: NOT cheap item) and you left a equally cool item. One of the first caches I found was stocked with $500 worth of items. And the LOCATIONS of these cool caches were even better than the caches. They were WONDERFUL places I never knew existed before. Then the masses found out about geocaching, and the family cachers and the kids. And very VERY soon it was plastic toy cars and McD's toys and crayons being left instead of those COOL items. Don't get me wrong - I think this is a GREAT family sport, and I'm glad that MORE families are getting out doing GOOD things with their time. Geocaching HAS CHANGED, and will change, Gone are those cool item days, Change IS ok. Big caches are Muggled or filled with junk (see other fourm), I can't remember the last item *I* took from a big cache - it is rare now. For me, the hunt is the joy. And micros make that easier (for me, anyway) I go to a cool place and sign my name and move on. If people want more Big caches, Hide them, please! I want to hunt them. But Big OR Micro, PLEASE, THINK before hiding it. Is this a Cool location that Others would enjoy? OR is this hiding style something that will bring joy to the seekers. It should NOT be about numbers, but rather about the hunt and trip getting there and the view when you look UP...
  16. javascript:emoticon('') smilie Well, I've read this late and almost never post in here, BUT, Here's my 2c worth... I really do NOT see what people argue about this for. *IF* you do not wish to pay anything, then you can use this site for free and go geocaching all day long. For that matter, you do NOT have to use this site to Geocache - there ARE other sites. I pay - I paid from the start - it is a great investment on my money. This is a hobby I love to do - and because of this website I have been places and met people I never would have. This website and it's features grows every day. The ease of use, the options to search and find caches that *I* want to hunt are made possable by the HARD WORK of this websites owners. I write website and database software - This website is VERY Impressive!!! The Money and time put into this website will be HUGE!!! This kind of work takes MANY MANY MANY hours of time, and a LOT of HARDWARE - Almost all of you have bought a PC before. Now - out of Love of this sport, think of how many BIG servers they bought to keep this WORLDWIDE site up and running, with the Hundreds of Thousands of guests hitting and logging into the website. Go Price the cost of keeping this site ONLINE - it is NOT cheap. and for that - they ALLOW anybody FREE access to MOST of their features. To HELP offset the cost, they allow Perks to those willing to pay. I paid before perks and I'll continue to pay - I love this site and I WANT it to stay afloat!!! Off soapbox now - Bye!
  17. Got my 'smilin' face on - Jeremy Fixed the page and all is wonderful with the world... Thanks!
  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It works now!!!
  19. I've tried all versions of 4.xx of netscape. All I get on the log a find page is the TB pull down and a submit button. FWIW, Netscape 7 and IE both seem to work fine.. I just really love using netscape 4.x (pout)
  20. Hmmm, Well, I just upgraded to Netscape 4.8 and it too does NOT work while posting a find...(sigh)
  21. Just upgraded to Netscape 4.79 - Still cannot log finds - get TB info only....
  22. Well, upgraded to Netscape 4.77 and it still does NOT work. all I get when trying to log a find is a pulldown asking which travel bug I'm dropping off and a submit button. However - I did try Netscape 7.1 and it worked in there (but 7.1 has a different engine) I still hope the log-in page code can get fixed for all us old netscape users who prefer the look and feel of this cool site with that browser!
  23. Hmm, NOW I find this thread, after posting in another one about this same problem. I too am using Netscape 4.5 and my 'log it' page has stopped working since the new changes. I was planning on upgrading to Netscape 4.7 to see if it fixes the problem... GLAD to read that it seems to work!
  24. Well, FWIW, I suddenly can't 'log a find' anymore with netscape 4.5 since the new 'log it' page got put in place. I'm forced to use IE to log my finds. (pouting) It seems that half the page does not load (it only displays half the selection boxes) I'm going to upgrade to netscape 4.7 and see if it helps. I *really* like all the new pages going up on the site, and I *really* prefer the way Netscape displays them as well, so I hope this issue can get fixed..
  25. My little Buggy seems to have lost his way while sleeping in "Yankee Creek" (GC2F75). His name is "HSV-AL-USA" (TB396). He is a little silver Space Shuttle key chain with a bug tag attached. If anybody hears of his travels Please drop me a e-mail. Thank You! Geedunk
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