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  1. They have a Canadian presence. His name is Marcel Bouchard. His website is http://amb-inc.com/fr/accueil/ However, in typical Garmin style, there is no phone number where you can reach a human being. Marcel Bouchard 35 Principale Pierreville, Québec J0G 1J0 Téléphone/Fax : 450.568.2736
  2. Fugawi can not load waypoints in a Garmin unit ? Did you try one of those freeware: G7toWin and GPSBabel ? I thin they open Fugawi files and translate them in a Garmin file .gdb and the use MapSource.
  3. I carry my extra batteries in a little Playtex bag, a 8 oz bag. Playtex Disposable Bottle Liners Those bags are usually used to put milk for babies, but they are just de good size for the batteries AA. . To close the bag, I use a Brocoli rubber band.
  4. I own all SoftMap Maps and Software I could buy. Yesterday, I installed the Fugawi Navigation Software (demo version). Fugawi said (on their site) that the demo version is complete ... just for 10 days. With this Fugawi. I tried to open Maps from SoftMaps but got the message «classe non enregistrée» (unregistred class). I just want to know if somebody have succes in openins Maps from SoftMaps before to buy this software. Thanks.
  5. I agree. Unlimited tracks, unlimited trackpoints, 1 file for 1 day ! This is why I bought this GPS.
  6. I use a 1gig SC Card without any troubl. It orks fine. I did not know for 1 2 gigs. Where did you find it ? I never see it any place.
  7. At GPSCity, you'll find a 1 gig card for 69.95 $vUS GPS City micro card
  8. Hi ! Your project is interesting ! A little free program calles GPSBabel can translate tracks from garmin .gdb (from MapSource) to Microsoft Streets and Trips (2002-2005). You just have to bike on your trails, enable TraceLogs, transfer your tracks on MapSource and save it in .gdb format. Then open GPSBabel and convert it for MSS GPSBabel.org Have a pleasant work !
  9. Did you try the Excel Spreadsheet called WaypointWorkbench ? It is for comverting such points in various systems. Avalaible here: Keen People page WaypointWorkbench link
  10. Here are the first 40 lines of a file saved from MapSource to .csv format with gttoWin: (First ones are waypoints) Hope it will be useful. Version 2:CSV Datum:,WGS-84 ZoneOffset:,0.000000 Type,"Name","ZoneNum","ZoneChar","Easting","Northing","Month#","Day#","Year","Hour","Min","Sec","Comment","Symbol#","SymbolColor","SymbolDisplay","Altitude (Meters)","Depth (Meters)","Temp Deg C","Ref Dist","Ref units" W,001,19,T,380638.1411,5276445.687,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 10:57:00,18,Black,S+N,449.779175,1e25,1e25,8.402,km W,BARVERT,19,T,383250.9288,5280167.179,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 13:03:14,18,Black,S+N,431.033569,1e25,1e25,5.085,km W,BIF,19,T,381277.9521,5277043.551,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 11:11:58,18,Black,S+N,342.592896,1e25,1e25,7.784,km W,BIF3,19,T,381628.3222,5277359.399,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 11:31:26,18,Black,S+N,340.910645,1e25,1e25,7.480,km W,BIF4,19,T,382437.1796,5277777.172,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 11:44:05,18,Black,S+N,337.305786,1e25,1e25,7.156,km W,BIF5,19,T,382982.3283,5277879.593,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 11:51:56,18,Black,S+N,353.888428,1e25,1e25,7.169,km W,BIF6,19,T,383757.0577,5279174.214,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:14:22,18,Black,S+N,349.562500,1e25,1e25,6.198,km W,BIF7,19,T,383698.1416,5279364.730,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:21:04,18,Black,S+N,363.020752,1e25,1e25,6.000,km W,BIF8,19,T,383348.2665,5279298.021,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:29:00,18,Black,S+N,368.548340,1e25,1e25,5.926,km W,FULMAR,19,T,378866.9595,5280981.058,1,22,2006,3,12,48,08-JAN-06 14:36:55,18,Black,S+N,808.348145,1e25,1e25,4.499,km W,GENT,19,T,327619.2442,5202059.654,1,22,2006,3,12,48,13-JAN-06 13:40:51,18,Black,S+N,389.456787,1e25,1e25,98.546,km W,HP2,19,T,383213.9859,5279583.890,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:40:09,18,Black,S+N,393.302002,1e25,1e25,5.611,km W,HP3,19,T,383320.3370,5279849.367,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:53:08,18,Black,S+N,406.279785,1e25,1e25,5.404,km W,LIEN PIOUI,19,T,378495.9688,5282386.045,1,22,2006,3,12,48,820 M,18,Black,S+N,819.883789,1e25,1e25,3.643,km W,QUOI,19,T,378356.5336,5282604.436,1,22,2006,3,12,48,08-JAN-06 11:35:11,18,Black,S+N,810.030273,1e25,1e25,3.609,km W,ROCNOIR,19,T,383216.1733,5279700.363,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:46:53,18,Black,S+N,400.752319,1e25,1e25,5.503,km W,SECT3,19,T,383021.3591,5277911.273,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 11:54:41,18,Black,S+N,356.051270,1e25,1e25,7.148,km W,SECT5,19,T,383253.8023,5280025.922,1,22,2006,3,12,48,16-JAN-06 12:59:28,18,Black,S+N,415.652588,1e25,1e25,5.216,km W,STATCY,19,T,377807.1048,5280477.770,1,22,2006,3,12,48,08-JAN-06 15:03:11,18,Black,S+N,501.930328,1e25,1e25,5.516,km W,TOPIOUI,19,T,377704.8409,5282814.350,1,22,2006,3,12,48,08-JAN-06 11:17:51,18,Black,S+N,874.197998,1e25,1e25,4.032,km Type,"Name|Color|Visibility","ZoneNum","ZoneChar","Easting","Northing","Month#","Day#","Year","Hour","Min","Sec","Altitude (Meters)","Depth (Meters)","Temp Deg C","Units","DP","DS","DT","VP","TP" N,TRACK 0001|Black|1,19,T,380620.9036,5276451.711,1,16,2006,15,56,16,449.553711,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0000,0.0000,0.0000,"INF","-" T,,19,T,380621.4249,5276451.478,1,16,2006,15,56,17,449.553711,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0006,0.0006,0.0006,0.0,506361377, T,,19,T,380633.4106,5276445.895,1,16,2006,15,56,42,449.072998,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0132,0.0138,0.0138,0.0,506361402, T,,19,T,380638.2891,5276445.573,1,16,2006,15,57,0,449.553711,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0049,0.0186,0.0186,0.0,506361420, T,,19,T,380641.8131,5276445.167,1,16,2006,15,57,1,440.421265,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0035,0.0222,0.0222,0.0,506361421, T,,19,T,380642.3367,5276445.045,1,16,2006,15,57,3,435.614502,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0005,0.0227,0.0227,0.0,506361423, T,,19,T,380642.7851,5276444.925,1,16,2006,15,57,4,431.288574,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0005,0.0232,0.0232,0.0,506361424, T,,19,T,380643.2336,5276444.805,1,16,2006,15,57,5,426.962769,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0005,0.0236,0.0236,0.0,506361425, T,,19,T,380643.6821,5276444.684,1,16,2006,15,57,6,422.156006,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0005,0.0241,0.0241,0.0,506361426, T,,19,T,380644.0554,5276444.565,1,16,2006,15,57,7,418.791504,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0004,0.0245,0.0245,0.0,506361427, T,,19,T,380644.4288,5276444.447,1,16,2006,15,57,8,415.426880,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0004,0.0249,0.0249,0.0,506361428, T,,19,T,380648.2487,5276443.812,1,16,2006,15,57,9,411.100952,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0039,0.0287,0.0287,0.0,506361429, T,,19,T,380648.2487,5276443.812,1,16,2006,15,57,10,407.736328,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0000,0.0287,0.0287,0.0,506361430, T,,19,T,380648.5492,5276443.806,1,16,2006,15,57,11,404.371704,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0003,0.0290,0.0290,0.0,506361431, T,,19,T,380648.7655,5276443.357,1,16,2006,15,57,13,399.565063,1e25,1e25,"kM",0.0005,0.0295,0.0295,0.0,506361433,
  11. Did you try WAYPOINTSWORKBENCH ? It is an « An Excel Spreadsheet that converts Waypoint information & files. Highlights are: * Enter 1000s of coordinates in up to 5 formats and convert them or export them in 1 go. * Use it to open a Geocaching.com multicache page or GPX file and »WaypointWorkbench on Keen people
  12. Hi ! You could buy two or three set of topo Maps for Canada: From Garmin, Topo Canada (you can load your GPS with those maps) SoftMaps sell Topo maps at scale 1: 50 000 for all Canada and 1: 20 000 for Quebec SoftMap You cannot load your GPS with Softmap's, but you can load waypoints, tracks and routes.
  13. G7toWin can do that ! It is a free software G7toWin
  14. I have a 60CS, and it is usually in the 6-7 foot range with an external antenna, under the foliage. Out of the foliage, I get usually 3 feet.
  15. Un rassemblement n'alimente rien. ce sont les turbines qui alimenteNT en électricité.
  16. I made for myself a chart where I wrote all the exchange formats from one software to another. May be this will help you. The chart is on my site www.velocarte.comadress:Translation from software to another Good luck !
  17. Try this link. I made a comparison of some software applications to translate files to another one. Transcriprion de fichiers GPS sur velocarte.com
  18. I think that GPSutility can save files from a GPS to a shape file GPS Utility
  19. NORMAL, MORE OFTEN, MOST OFTEN ... this specify what you choose in the settings they are related to what you choose (distance or time) If you don't chose, the GPS choose from some algorithm fixed by programmers (AUTO) NORMAL, MORE OFTEN, MOST OFTEN fix the frequency, determined by the distance or by the duration
  20. I did not see anything ! Did you try for Softmap ? They got maps at 1: 50 000 of Ontario. May be they traced trails !
  21. Salut cyber6 Je comprends ton intérêt. J'ai trouvé un site québecois en français qui discute les questions de GPS. Voici le lien. Si ça ne fonctionne pas tout de suite essaie de nouveau. On dirait que leur serveur ne répond pas toujours. En tout cas donne des nouvelles. Sur le site mentionné, je suis «coureur des bois» Forum GPS www.mi-souris.com
  22. HI ! Did you try Palm Tungsten C wint a little keyboard incorporated ? I use it forGPS link . Very satisfied. Keyboard enough for big reports but good enough for extendes notes ...
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